New 3D-Printing Technology Was ‘Missing Link’ for Laika’s Latest Stop-Motion Project

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-03
Stop-for the upcoming animated comedy adventure \"missing link-
The Lecca film studio puts the bar high.
In order to execute the design created by director and writer Chris Butler, the artist must speed up the 3D printing of the character\'s face
These faces must be the most complex faces they create.
\"Missing link\" centered on Sir Lionel Frost \"(
Hugh Jackman voice), a self-
The style of the myth and the monster investigator, his skills are not small by him-minded high-society peers.
So Frost went to the northwest of the Pacific Ocean to prove the existence of the missing links in the legend (
By Zach Galifianakis).
Other voice actors include Zoe Saldana, Timothy o\'rifant and Emma Thompson.
The title character of the related story \"missing link\" is one of the biggest challenges in the central and western regions of Leka, and the flexible tax credit temptation product Nancy schrebel captures the artist Robert mcpulthorpe
, Brought to the stop of \"link\" its signature handmade-
Motion animation, it is impossible to develop without the speed of 3D
Printing technology.
While the concepts of hand-made and digital printing seem inconsistent, their combination is the main ingredient of the Lyca creative secret sauce.
The studio started the process of 3D printing faces, and took great pains to express fashion to stop
Action characters in \"Coraline\" of the year.
\"The project has completed about 20,000 unique faces.
For 2016 \"Kubo and two strings\", the number of expressions has surged to 64,000.
The \"missing links\" to be released on April 12 will be up to 106,000.
\"In the past, a lot of our processes were based on reuse of facial expressions,\" said Brian McLean, director of rapid prototyping at Leka . \".
\"Now, with this technology and everything we \'ve learned, we \'ve reached the point where we can actually shoot --
Specific animation.
McLean pointed out that several steps are needed in this process.
\"A cg animator sits in front of a computer where Maya [works]software]
Listen to a series of conversations approved by the director.
They see what the storyboards and movements need to do, and they are building a custom facial representation on the computer.
It will be sent to the editor, where the director will review it and give specific instructions.
CG will then change performance.
When approved by the director, we adopt CG performance and export the geometry to a 3D printer.
\"Although the geometry created by CG artists makes it possible to create highly specific expressions, some designs are still difficult on the printer --
Especially those of Lionel.
\"When trying to come up with a way to print Lionel\'s nose --
This sharp little triangle
\"We know this technology is not enough,\" McLin explained . \".
But Leka has a long relationship with Stratasys, a 3D printer manufacturer, dating back to \"Coraline \".
\"Stratasys just started playing with colored resin and they let us have a new printer about a year ago when it was open to the public,\" McLin said . \".
\"The hardware is great, but the software is very limited.
So we have to get hardware from one company and software from another.
McLean and his team have chosen the highly demanding ink fish software that can handle 3D color printing, as well as the new cutting
The Edge printer makes Lionel\'s nose a reality.
McLin said that in terms of meeting the needs of professional work and the number of more than 100,000 expressions, McLin made a request: \"It is both scary and exciting to solve these challenges.
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