navy sees 3d printing aboard ships in future

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-26
National port of Maryland– A U. S.
The Navy aircraft carrier may not be too far away in the future will have the ability to create all the replacement parts of the organs, micro-drone combat with the moon-
Navy officials said here Tuesday that the D printer.
The additive manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, has progressed so fast that the idea of its use has exceeded the ability of the Navy to enter places where officials know they want ---
On ships at sea
\"There are major security issues,\" Lt.
Ben Kohlman, head of the Navy\'s combat rapid innovation team, said in a speech on maritime aerospace 2014 on Tuesday.
\"The powder used in aluminum or titanium is very flammable.
\"There are people who are also thinking about where such shops will go on the boat.
Coast Guard Commander Tyson Weiner said that now, 3D printing is done in a shop on land, not a \"dynamic environment\" like a marine vessel \".
\"They can\'t be affected by pitching, rolling, sideways [of a ship]
\"So now you \'ve got those troops on the printer,\" he said . \".
\"What is the tolerance for this and how will the printer itself respond to these other forces?
You can manage your focus as much as possible and try to get the safest sot with the least amount of movement, but what is the trade-off?
What\'s on board? . .
Where must I go relative to the printer?
This is a complete design process in itself.
\"However, Navy officials say it\'s only a matter of time before these printers reach the sea.
It may be used far more than printing special bolts.
Thomas Campbell, associate professor of research at Virginia Tech\'s Institute of Critical Technology and Applied Sciences, said California-
The organization-based company is expected to print live human liver later this year.
\"Contrary to the arrival of soldiers, soldiers or sailors [a land-based hospital]
\"If you have an emergency, just print the organs on board, do the surgery on board and save the lives of humanity without having to interrupt the service,\" Campbell said . \".
Cartilage will be printed in the same way, he said.
The army has used 3D printers in combat.
The rapid equipment troops deployed by the army to Afghanistan are equipped with 3D printers.
Engineers work with Afghan forces to develop solutions to problems without having to ship parts to Afghanistan.
Printers are produced in China.
College and even high school students are already using drones to make small flying drones. the-
The shelf 3D printing system, Campbell said.
Coleman says he can imagine the benefits of a capable mass-production carrier if it encounters a powerful anti-enemyAircraft System.
\"What if the carrier can print hundreds of such drones, saturate airspace and completely destroy their radar stations,\" he said ? \".
\"It may not be ready for the ship yet, but these processes must definitely be made clear,\" Campbell said . \". --
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