nano dimension: taking 3d printing to the nano level

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-23
3D printing has changed the manufacturing business in several industries.
A company created a design today and created a prototype by pressing a button, each for only a few hundred dollars.
The final result allows the company to evaluate, test and adjust the product design in a few weeks, while it may take months for the 3D printer to obtain the initial prototype before it appears.
3D Systems (NYSE:DDD)
It is the world\'s largest 3D printing company with a market value of $1.
45B is Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS)
The market value is $1. 15B.
In December 2013, the climax of the 3D printer hype was the 3D system, with Stratasys\'s market cap between $ 6B and $ 10B.
Shares of the two largest 3D printing companies have fallen for two consecutive years, eventually bottoming out in January 2016.
Another sign that the 3D printer market has bottomed out is HP\'s announcement. (NYSE:HPQ)
The company entered the 3D printing industry in May 2016.
HP, similar to 3D Systems and Stratasys, competes in helping manufacturers simplify new product design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes.
The ruins left behind after the 3D printer hype bubble burst are a relatively unknown 3D printing company called Nano Dimension (NASDAQ:NNDM).
Barron published an article on Nano Dimension in March 14, suggesting that in successful 3-
Commercial printers launched.
Unlike the large 3D printer company I mentioned above, nano size reduces the size of 3D printing a lot.
Nano Dimension mainly focuses on printed circuit boards ((PCBs))
3D printer and free nano technology
Based on conductive and dielectric inks.
Nano size Co. , Ltd. (NNDM)
Founded in 2012, it focuses on the research and development of advanced 3D printed electronic products, including 3D printers for multi-layer printed circuit boards, and the development of nanotechnology
Is a supplement to 3D printers, based on conductive and dielectric inks.
Photo source: Nanoda station.
Novel and proprietary technology for nano-size enables conductive and dielectric inks to be used in ultra-
Complex rapid prototyping, high
Performance of multi-layer circuit boards.
The company\'s PCB 3D printer is the result of a combination of advanced breakthroughs in inkjet technology, 3D printing and nanotechnology.
Source: investor briefing on Nano Dimension May 2016.
The management team of Nano Dimension consists of four colleaguesfounders (
Its advantages include years of 3D printer production, printing technology, consumer goods and business development.
As many of my followers seeking Alpha know, I have affinity for microcap stocks.
The challenge of micro-capital is that usually the capital structure --
In the case of issued shares, warrants and convertible debts-
This makes it very difficult to invest in these companies.
Nano Dimension was listed on Nasdaq in March 2016 and is currently in zero debt.
The company has 14 patents related to conductive inks, systems, printing processes, software and materials.
To date, the total amount has been $19 m and $7 m.
As at March 31, six million cash remained.
Burn $1 in nano size
In the first quarter of 2016, there were two million dollars in cash.
Assuming that the current fuel consumption rate remains unchanged without income, NNDM has sufficient working capital to fund operations for the next 12 months. The Nasdaq-
Listed shares belong to ADR;
After the conversion of 1: 5 shares, the total number of issued shares is 7 shares. 6 million.
The current stock float is about $3. 7m;
Shares hovered around $7, with a market capitalization of $54.
Nano size is late
Stage R & D company.
These companies do not have reported income and need to obtain capital to fund operations.
The good news for Nano Dimension is that the company has a good balance sheet, a strong interest in the company\'s 3D printers, and an instant market share in the field of 3D printing nanotechnology.
Nano Dimension is designed to provide 3D printers for technology companies and manufacturing across a wide range of industries.
Any company that sells circuit board electronics, or a manufacturer of other companies, is a potential nano-sized customer.
The potential customer base covers consumer electronics, the Internet of Things, automotive and industry, telecom, medical equipment, defense and aerospace.
Image source: Nano Dimension investor briefing on May 2016.
According to the Nano Dimension May 2016 investor report, the company is expected to start booking revenue related to the company\'s Dragonfly 2020 3D printer in the second half of 2016.
In the first half of 2016, the company has established contacts with manufacturing and distribution partners Flex and Fathom.
The market is very responsive to the Nano dimension technology suite.
The company has more than 2,000 entities interested in 3D printers.
To facilitate cooperation and evaluation, the company has signed development assistance agreements for more than 30 countries.
Image source: Nano Dimension investor briefing on May 2016.
Just a few weeks ago, Nano Dimension announced that the company had succeeded in the lab.
The proof of concept of stem cell 3D biological printing was tested.
The trial was conducted in cooperation with Accellta Ltd.
A company based in Haifa, Israel.
Although stem cells are not an immediate market, the announcement confirms that Nano Dimension has some cutting-edge 3D printing technology and IP.
The goal of Nano Dimension is to provide a market opportunity on the printed circuit board without services.
The company is in a unique position in 3D printing products and IP, which attracts interest from more than 30 companies that are currently working together and evaluating the technology.
3D printing giants, including 3D systems and technology giant Hewlett-Packard, are competing with each other to make prototypes for manufacturers, and today they are not competing with nano-size.
Assuming the cash consumption remains unchanged at $1, the current cash balance of Nano Dimension is sufficient to fund operations for the next 12 months.
2 m per quarter, no income.
If Nano Dimension successfully commercializes its 3D printed circuit board, printer revenue-
Fundamentals of the company
Can be significantly improved.
When we get close to H2, it\'s a corporate investor who should join their watchlist or buy for their speculative portfolio.
Navi is Nasdaq-listed company;
However, because the company is relatively unknown, there are very few stock transactions in the company.
Any investor who wants to hold a position may find it difficult to execute a buy and sell order at a satisfactory or expected price.
Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any of the stocks mentioned and no plans to start any positions in the next 72 hours.
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I received no compensation (
In addition to Seeking Alpha).
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
Additional disclosure: I do not currently own any stake in Nano Dimensions, but I have added the company to my activity watch list.
I may be working in NNDM in the future and I will be following closely the company\'s efforts to commercialize 3D printing technology in the second half of 2016.
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