naidu, indra nooyi to visit pepsico facility at sri city on april 3

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-06
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
Chandrababu Naidu and Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, will decide on areas of cooperation between FMCG giants and the government during a visit to PepsiCo\'s factory in Sri Lanka from April 3.
During his visit to Sri Lanka,
Naidu will also set up 10 industrial units with an investment of nearly Rs.
Rs 1,000, participate in the ground-
Breaking up ceremony for 11 others
After the meeting in Davos, the chief minister and Hillary Clinton.
According to a press release from the Office of the chief minister, Nooyi will decide on areas of cooperation.
The chief minister will participate in the ground-
Rexam, Vermeiren, Cipy Pagel, KGI costumes, Ayurvet, Brindco, Power Gas, Koncept Poly Pro, be\'rollex, Beva
After the groundbreaking ceremony,
Naidu will open 10 industrial units in Sri Lanka.
Including the Netherlands-
Headquartered in Hunter Douglas, the company is building an industrial facility to invest in Rs.
Rs 250 is expected to create jobs for 300 people. USA-
Pharmaceutical companies based in West Pharma are investing 150 rupees to provide employment for 150 people.
Other units are: China-
ZTT India Pvt Co. , Ltd (
Rs 100, employment potential 250), Japan-
Engineering facilities based in Japan (
Rs 100, employment potential 100), India-
Plastic molding industry of Mohan Mutha Polytech (
Rs 100, employment potential 100)
Kusakabe, Japanese auto parts manufacturerBasic Industries (
Proposed investment of Rs 100, employment potential of Rs 150), Singapore-
Paper processing unit of Pvt Co. , Ltd (
Planned investment of Rs 50 and employment potential of Rs 50).
India-storage facilities
Siddaratha logistics is establishing a storage facility to invest in Rs.
Employment potential of 100 people in China 50 people-
Hong Kong-based engineering company Chung Xing is planning to invest in the establishment of a factory in Rs.
Employment potential of 100 people and 40 in India
Artura-based pharmaceutical companies are setting up their facilities with an investment of Rs 40 and are expected to create employment potential for 300 people.
The chief minister will also hold an interactive meeting with business leaders.
He will meet with Mr. in the afternoon.
N Vaghul, former chairman, Industrial Credit Investment Bank of India, PhD. S. S.
Chairman Badrinath, Dr. ronnethralay, City merchant.
President of Sri Lanka City frontline Lifeline Hospital KM Cherian and Dr.
Director of the Ministry of Railways Nachiket, Central Committee, Reserve Bank of India.
Subsequently, the chief minister will participate in the celebration of Italy on 100.
The steel giant based in Danieli.
He will also flag down the Kobelco crane for exporting first-class cranes to South Asia.
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