my name is ginger coons, not ginger coons. allow me to explain.

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-10
I spent the first twenty years of my life as Jiang coons.
We can discuss again how I have such an untrustworthy name.
Now, I would like to explain the moment I changed from ginger Coons to ginger coons.
Or, occasionally, when I get frustrated with someone else insisting on using my name for me, ginger \"all-lower-
Case, can\'t you really get it right? ! ” coons.
When I was a child, I went to school in English and French.
At a time when teaching formal grammar rules was unpopular, receiving French education gave me the opportunity to learn clearly what I might otherwise have learned implicitly.
One rule of English and French is proper nouns-
Name and specific place of the person (
City, Country)
Specific things (
Geographical features, landmarks)—
Capitalize their first letter.
It is \"Toronto\", not \"Toronto\" and \"Lake Ontario\", not \"Lake Ontario \".
\"From the time I learned to write until my first year in college, I took this rule for granted entirely.
I have never questioned that certain places, certain things, and of course the names of people, deserve special treatment in sentences.
In the first semester of college, I took a German class.
In German, the first letter of all nouns is capitalized. It was an eye-
Poor driving.
Someone who speaks English like me knows what a common noun is.
Words like \"grass\" and \"light bulb --
I can get equal treatment in the judgment of my egalitarianism tendency.
It sounds interesting, but I don\'t think I should be given extra importance, even in one sentence.
That\'s why I don\'t capital the initials in my name anymore.
I voluntarily downgraded myself from a proper noun to a common noun.
This is an interesting transformation. Between well-
Means people and mistakes.
It took me a lot of time to explain my capitalization choice to fix the machine.
I changed my electronics about six years ago.
Email signatures from \"ginger cat\" to \"ginger all\"lower-case’ coons.
\"Without that little stimulus, most of my reporters gave me the initials in the reply.
When it comes to names, our default is convention.
Because our default name is a proper noun, we build this assumption in ourselves and the system we build.
I often find myself capitalized on the computer.
We entrust printing labels on mail and other machine products for formatting for us.
This is a very small example, but it is a powerful example. a technical system without thinking refuses the user\'s choice of name presentation.
I would like to see us get rid of some more basic automatic constraints.
I would like to see our approach to personal expression and decision-making that we consider acceptable, and the way in which we strengthen the individual\'s ability to make or not make those decisions become more flexible.
The name is just a frontier.
Let\'s look at the future, and we accept the power of individual decisions to make important statements about the social structures that we impose on ourselves, even if only to make them more visible.
When there is no architecture, writing, painting, editing or presentation, ginger \"all-lower-
Coons is a doctor. D.
Student of key manufacturing laboratory and signal light research group, School of Information, University of Toronto, study birth-
Through rapid prototyping, the digital method of physical production process is realized.
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