move over marie kondo! lifestyle guru martha stewart shares genius tips for organizing your shoes - as she unveils her own new footwear collection

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-07
Martha Stewart has just launched her 2019 spring shoe collection.
But when it comes to buying shoes from this organization DIY master, espadrilles, sandals and ballet flats are important not only to look good on the feet --
They also need to look good in your closet. The 77-year-
The old tycoon spoke about her new shoe collection this week and told the Daily Mail.
She likes to keep everything looking beautiful and tidy in her wardrobe.
Martha was named the brand ambassador of the brand last year, starting with a limited collection in Europe
Inspired rain boots for autumn 2018.
But now, she has a stylish Othello apartment, comfortable rubbersoled slip-
Outdoor, outdoor
Beautifully decorated ballet flats and sexy wedge shoes come in a variety of colors and range from $79 to $120.
I am very happy to share our spring series with you all.
The star said in a statement that our new style is beautifully designed, affordable, and most importantly comfortable.
\"It took me a long time to work in gardening, working in the office, attending meetings, going out to dinner, and I always stood up.
I need shoes with support, beautiful workmanship and design.
That\'s why I created the shoe Aerosoles for Martha Stewart.
The shoes are very suitable for various occasions, she said.
However, while most women do not need excuses to buy new shoes, it may be a tricky issue to find a way to store them in a closet so they look neat and accessible.
As Martha expected, Martha had a solution.
She told the Daily Mail that I like to store my shoes together and label them in transparent containers so I can easily see and decide if I want to wear them. com.
It also helps to fill the shoes with paper towels to keep them in shape.
Obviously, these are
Give Martha some advice and she has been recommending these tips for years.
In a video on her website, she suggested cleaning the bottom of dirty shoes before putting them back in a clean plastic container.
\"I always plug the toes of my good shoes with folded paper or paper towels.
\"This keeps the toes tidy and prevents any moisture accumulated in the toes from damaging the shoes,\" she explained . \".
For the boots, she folded a piece of shirt cardboard and placed it in the ankle and calf area to keep them stiff and upright.
She added: \"Once a year, I use a beautiful silicone liquid to condition the shoes and I make the sole just to make sure they are excess water --
Tight and longlived.
The star also has a \"shoe care box\" on hand to store with all her shoes.
Every Polish she needs, a Polish applicator and a polished brush.
Martha has been able to change and upgrade her wardrobe for years and has recently turned an entire room into an \"ultimate walk\"
She showed this in Martha Stewart life.
In the fall of 2017, she transformed an unused little bedroom in Bedford, New York, into a place to store clothes and accessories.
There, her shoes stood along several racks, arranged in style.
She has her favorite styles in a variety of different colors, especially Manolo blannick.
Compared to the \"standard\" three, she also chose a shelf that was just over an inch thick.
This gives the wardrobe a \"solid, more customized feel.
But even women who can\'t customize their wardrobes at home can see this look.
In order to store shoes skillfully, put a mold on the wall (
Sales in home improvement center)
She told the Daily Mail. com. \'Have pre-
Cut into a primer of length and paint as needed.
Attach to the wall with building adhesive.
Hammer nails every 18 inch M, counter nails, spackle, Polish with paint.
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