mazda seeks mileage boost with new technologies

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-05
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Japan\'s Mazda Motor Company said on Tuesday it had developed an advanced parking system. and-
Go systems, diesel engines and other technologies are designed to increase the average mileage of cars by 30% kilometers in seven years.
Mazda\'s new stop-almost no cost increaseand-
Mazda says the go feature has improved fuel efficiency by about 10% in urban areas, where cars often stop at traffic lights.
The system is the first system in the world to control the piston position when the engine automatically stops when idling, Mazda said that by directly injecting fuel into the optimal position of the cylinder, it can start quickly and quietly.
This technology can achieve a seamless restart of the engine in 0.
Mazda said that 35 seconds is about half the time spent on existing systems.
Next year, it will launch on cars in Japan and Europe.
Have a Mazda
In addition, Ford Motor announced the launch of a new, more powerful car. 2-
The replacement of the diesel engine is currently 2. 0-
The upgraded diesel engine is installed in the Mazda3, the Mazda5 and the Mazda6 models.
Management Executive officer Hayama Nobuhiro said the larger engine kept carbon dioxide emissions and fuel efficiency at the same level as 2. 0-
But it will enable Mazda to power big cars, reducing overall emissions for the fleet.
The new engine will be launched in Europe in 2009.
In order to achieve the fuel economy target of 2015, Mazda will also start replacing resin
From a few years later, based on the parts of the new model, lighter materials are used to reduce the weight of the vehicle.
Mazda announced a new plastic molding technology on Tuesday that will reduce the consumption of plastic resin by 20-30%, which will also help reduce costs.
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