maker faire: how the diy tech force has become strong

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-25
From creating custom 3D printing to vegetable synthesizer, home-
There seems to be a technological movement around the world.
Traditionally, DIY technology is done in a bedroom, garage, or kitchen table.
But now, there is a growing trend in the \"hacker day\" or DIY exhibition, offering enthusiasts advice on how to make their own technology.
Seven years after the manufacturer Faire campaign began in San Francisco, the idea seems to be popular around the world.
This spirit is not about talent but about attitude-people must show the will to join and try it out.
BBC Click\'s LJ Rich explores how hard it is to \"do it by yourself\" by one of the 80 manufacturers Faires that plan globally this year.
She found that from a DIY point of view, you can see innovation and our behavior, and it looks like we really have the ability to shape our future.
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