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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-03
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Recently, the Maharashtra government banned the use of plastic in Mumbai\'s High Court, saying that plastic was found in the stomach of the dead whale washed ashore in Mumbai.
The government\'s affidavit filed with the high court said: \"The recent death of a whale off the coast of Mumbai was caused by plastic, which was confirmed at an autopsy . \".
Again, when on 10-metre-
On February, the minke whale, which was washed up on the Spanish coast, found 29 kg of plastic in his stomach.
Whales die because of the plastic intake.
From floating objects in the Arabian Sea to microplastics in fish guts, the threat of marine litter is widespread and begins to affect the livelihoods of coastal communities.
Earlier this was never considered a problem, but over the past few years we have received serious complaints from fishermen who say they have captured more plastic garbage than fish.
We are receiving reports and evidence that microplastics have been found in fish guts, said V Kripa, director of the fisheries environmental management department at the Central Marine Fisheries Institute.
A recent study shows that many types of sea fish take in plastic fragments.
The plastic intake has a variety of fatal and sub-lethal effects, which may be a pathway for the biological accumulation of toxic compounds throughout the food network, according to the study published in the Journal of the Royal Society, published research related to biological science.
Compared with other coastal states, there is less garbage on the Maharashtra coast, but the plastic content in the waste is as high as 81%.
At the stakeholder meeting, fishermen complained about items caught in the fishing nets.
Because we are in the tropical area, our water is turbid and carries a lot of mud in the water flow.
When a plastic kit is poured into the water, the mud will settle together with the rest of the water.
This made it heavy and it sank into the seabed.
These objects are entangled in the pile net.
She says it has a lot of weight when they pull it, which also causes damage to the net.
Ironically, fishermen are also part of the problem.
Most of the debris includes fishing gear abandoned on the high seas.
Damaged ropes, nets, tarps are not usually brought back to shore.
Marine life such as dolphins, turtles and crabs will also be entangled in them.
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