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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-20
Keith Khan from the UK
The Mumbai-based designer showed off his special collection of kaleidoscope prints.
It\'s not right to make Keith a fashion designer.
He designed the theater, the Commonwealth 2009 ceremony and the music choir.
As part of a series of planning activities and installations at the Indian Design Forum, he visited Mumbai for the third time.
He said, \"I have been in India for many years --
But people and their views have changed recently.
I think this is a really exciting place, full of energy.
For example, maitili Ahluwalia of Bungalow 8 created this wonderful opportunity for me, and its energy and vitality ceased to exist in the UK at that time.
This cooperation is why I came back.
Keith chose the printed saris He to answer, \"I want to apply my design knowledge to traditional clothing, not just to decorate it . \".
My design studio is developing a way to develop personalized products (
Great for Indian customers)with a high-end finish.
I\'m obsessed with technology.
Only now can you print out such a big surface, such a big sari --
Through rapid prototyping and laser scanning.
For him, design is the process between manufacturing, structure, and communication.
Also color shape and texture.
This is almost the seventh feeling for Indians.
Keith got great inspiration from Bollywood and one of his latest projects is Wah! Wah!
He said, \"as early as 1991, I staged the first Bollywood musical in the UK.
I did it with my partner Ali Zaidi at the time and it was copied a lot so it was weird to get back to something like this.
During the Olympic Games, Hua girls were filmed in London. I made scenery and costumes. I made life-
Typical suburban homes, digital prints of the size of hundreds of outfits, wigs and headwear.
Directed by Emma Rice from Cornwall\'s knee-high theater.
In his view, what is the basis of good design, from design clothing to theater to design ceremony, he said, \"Obviously, the result is so different and the media is using it.
But usually, they move people or attract people.
A lot of larger designs create a huge strategy.
So the impact is relatively large
But I did design a youth strategy and a digital strategy for the Olympics, and young people did get involved.
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