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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-14
Steel stamping production line? That\'s so last-year--
What you really want is a 3D printed car.
The concept is not new, but it is not easy to find a printer large enough to handle the car panel.
Later this year, however, at the International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition in Chicago, 3D printing electric vehicles will become a local car.
The company is no stranger to the show and has built a full-scale Rally Fighter off the field.
On 2012, roader appeared at the exhibition during the six-day event.
But 3D printing of cars is facing a completely different challenge.
The stunt is designed to show how advanced manufacturing technology can deliver vehicles that are stronger, safer, faster and more efficient.
Like the Rally Fighter, the printed electric car of the local car is the product of the United car
Created designs that combine ideas from different sources.
How local cars produce cars at the show and how many parts are actually printed there remains to be seen-
But the car is obviously purposeful.
Built for the city\'s transportation needs in Chicago \".
In addition to its electrical properties, the details of the power system have not yet been revealed.
Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
This will be the first customer of the car, and the company praised the local car for its disruptive manufacturing and design.
\"Since 2007, their innovations in automotive design, manufacturing and sales have been empowering individual innovators,\" AMT added . \".
The ultimate goal is to provide a sustainable green product that will reduce production costs and create jobs.
Hopefully like a Rally Fighter, it\'s a compelling vehicle and it\'s fun to drive ---
In the end, it needs to be the product that people want to buy.
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