Livingston jobs under threat at electronics firm Plexus

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-14
Plexus, an electronics manufacturer based in West Lothian, will fire about 50 employees at its manufacturing base.
The company says it is cutting capacity at its Livingston plant due to reduced demand, particularly in the oil and gas industry.
Plexus emphasizes that it will maintain a rapid prototyping capability and design center in the town pyramid Commercial Park.
The company also said it would continue to work in Scotland.
Unemployment accounts for more than third of the company\'s total number of employees in Livingston.
Livingston\'s manufacturing capacity is expected to be cut by February and will save the company about £ 830,000 to £ 1. 1m annually.
Oliver Mihm from Plexus said: \"We are reluctant to take this because it will affect about 50 of our loyal and diligent employees.
\"However, the changing end-market dynamics, particularly in the oil and gas industry, require us to reduce production capacity in the UK to meet the needs of our customers.
\"Many of the customer projects currently supported by Livingston\'s manufacturing business will be transferred to our Kelso manufacturing facility.
He added: \"Plexus is still committed to its presence in Scotland.
\"Our Livingston design center is a huge success story, and our European Centre of Excellence has made rapid prototyping on Livingston\'s website.
\"Combining these capabilities closely will continue to enable our customers to meet their product fulfillment needs.
\"Plexus says it has 543 employees in the UK, 134 employees in Livingston, and about 400 employees in so cable on the Scottish border.
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