Living in a Digital World We Can Be Proud of - Ideas and Idealism at WPP\'s Stream Africa

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-11
Last month, I had the privilege of attending WPP\'s first African stream event (un)
For (un)
Traditional thinkers \".
Stream brings together WPP customers and their digital employees, entrepreneurs, academics and venture capitalists.
This is an unrestrained exchange about our digital future and the future of communication, creativity, business and society.
This is an interesting and inspiring unique opportunity to have informal and \"out of the box\" conversations with thought leaders from different industries.
I took this opportunity to test some assumptions about our company\'s new initiatives for Africa in financial services, digital products and services.
Goodell is an emerging market venture capital firm focused on impact.
The creation of a new fund is a long and tense process.
To launch our digital inclusion program, we are using a rapid prototyping approach.
In a short period of time, we will work with our partners and investors to develop this initiative.
It turns out that Stream is a great opportunity to test our ideas and tap the wisdom of the crowd.
Here\'s what I found out :-
Sharing is care: the power of cooperation the ecosystem of inclusive enterprises in Africa is a patchwork of gaps.
Funding, technical partners, community organizations and other stakeholders need to work together to fill these gaps.
Successful products or services will take advantage of group dynamics in the community.
An exciting example is the Lumkani fire alarm designed by talented innovator Paul Mesarik for the shed.
The device triggers a fire alarm in all connected devices to create a community-wide response.
It is in everyone\'s interest to put out the fire as soon as possible. -
IP is dead, and the main value drivers for long open sources inclusive business are scale and efficiency: deliver the best quality to as many people as possible at the lowest possible price.
In stark contrast to IP-based business models that tap into exclusive competitive advantage for the highest possible price.
Open source innovation provides faster quality.
Value comes from rapid adaptation, efficient execution and large-scale distribution, using the wisdom and giving of the crowd.
As an early stage of the impact on investors, we are looking for game changers with \"chain reactions\" in their market, and the idea clearly resonates with Stream\'s open source discussion. -
Understanding what you think about the future of marketing is that brands need to become more relevant to survive.
But what is \"related \"?
What do customers want and need, how do we know?
The lack of useful data in this area and the lack of forward-looking research left a huge gap in our understanding of these markets.
Traditional customer segmentation won\'t work here.
Cultural values and beliefs help to better understand customer behavior, but more research is needed.
I have a discussion about what billions of people want and need online in the future.
Participants provided extensive experience and projections on communication, entertainment, access to information and financial services as basic digital needs.
New equipment and new ways to provide services (
\"People as a Service \")and products (e. g.
Phone call lights)
Sharing these can improve daily life and livelihoods if promoted responsibly.
Responsible means customers
Take the customer as the center to understand the customer\'s needs. Which we don\'t;
So we need more research.
Continue. . . . -
Stream fasta repeatedly mentioned \"Africa is not a country\" on Stream \".
Understanding local culture and market conditions is essential for business success in any international environment, especially on a diverse continent such as Africa.
Bottom-up innovation is often better than top-down \"replication\"
Paste \"policy.
Applying international business models or Silicon Valley templates in an African context alone will not work.
What does this mean for the business culture of the digital age?
Through practical learning, agile and openness to local ideas make cross-regional replication successful. -
\"Let\'s have some impact here,\" I was impressed by how much the participants focused on their impact on society and the planet.
As Esther Dyson reported in an earlier streaming event: \"They are interested in selling more things, but they are also increasingly interested in living in a world where they can be proud
\"When attending meetings in the social and development sectors, it is easy to believe that only they can solve the big problems of today and tomorrow.
Bring together a group of passionate professionals from all walks of life about what: challenges and opportunities in education, healthcare, energy, agriculture, responsible finance and protection
There is a lot of idealism, and the word of the event is \"influence \".
On WPP streaming I became more like an African
Optimistic than before.
I believe that the digital revolution will improve the lives of the next billion people who are not yet online and those who are already online.
When we put idealism into practice, I am happy to contribute to this revolution and cross with other flow participants again.
After an event like Stream is over, it\'s hard to explain this magical experience to colleagues in the office.
Perhaps the best way to share inspiration is to tell stories that make us excited about living in a digital world that we can be proud.
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