l.a. firm commune leaves fingerprints across japan for a cause

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-17
When the L. A.
Design company Commune shared photos of new pop musicup in Japan --
A travel shop and cafe in cooperation with Heath Ceramics and \"beginner\" director and artist Mike Mills--
What initially caught our attention was not the limitation of Mills.
Great version print, but a series of fingerprint graphics on one wall.
It turns out that these photos belong to the thumb of Herbert Bayer, the Bauhaus artist.
Roman Alonso, partner of the commune, said by email in response to our inquiry that the fingerprint was the manufacturer\'s logo and its signature \"was handmade for anything we did
\"This is our tribute to the Bauhaus school, which has always been a source of inspiration for us.
\"Earlier this year Karim Rashid used his fingerprints as a graphic pattern of the carpet.
We asked artist Judith Sanger about her use of a fingerprint pattern in a porcelain finger bowl.
Seng responded in an email in Berlin that she thought her work was a quick prototype project for one of the most private gifts, which is actually your three gifts
Personal stamp size
Her artist\'s statement further explained: \"It is a matter of trust and compassion to consciously give someone a personal fingerprint.
\"The pop music of the commune makes this emotion real --
A spokeswoman said all profits would be donated to recovery efforts related to the March 2011 tsunami in Japan.
The company designed the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and recently designed the ammunition restaurant at the Hammer Museum in Los AngelesA.
San Francisco\'s new Heath factory works with Japanese design studio Playmountain for pop musicup.
It opened in Tokyo, just finished in Osaka, and is scheduled to open on Kagoshima on Wednesday.
What\'s in pop music?
Ups is also available in the United States.
Every letter from Japan-
Sold on the commune\'s website, Miller\'s five prints series are also on sale.
In the photo, we also found the health route of the commune and the colorful glass lantern of Steve haltman (
Earlier this year we happened to see who\'s House of Joshua Tree). craig. nakano@latimes. comTrack L. A.
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