KPIT Technologies signs a two-year statement of intent (SOI) with NITI Aayog

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-04
Pune: KPIT Technologies, a technology company specializing in IT consulting and product engineering, announced today that IT has signed two agreements
Letter of Intent (SOI)
Aayog with nickel titanium (
Change state institutions in India)
Support and guide selected Atal Repair Labs (ATL)
For the national secondary school, the Trump card program in the central government, the innovation of the prenatal period (AIM)
Promote innovation and startup in schools, universities and industries in India.
Open Atal repair lab or ATLs-
End of work space where students can shape their ideas by handon \'do-it-
Your own learning module and acquire key skills in technological innovation.
They offer them the opportunity to go beyond the school curriculum and use tools and equipment to understand concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
Including chemistry, electronics, robotics, Internet of Things (
Internet of Things)
3D printing, etc.
Improve the ability to create inventions.
Low lab.
Cost of rapid prototyping tools such as 3D printers, robots, electronics and communication kits, and simple-to-
Learn a graphical user system that helps create products and solutions to everyday problems.
In a statement issued by KPIT,
Mission Director Ramanan of Atal\'s innovation mission and Anup Sable, CTO of KPIT, recently signed a cooperation agreement at NITI Aayog office in New Delhi.
Shri Unnat Pandit, operations director, Atal repair laboratory (ATL)and Mr.
Tushar Juvekar, head of KPIT global CSR, also attended the meeting.
KPIT has been working to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and scientific practice learning through its iconic Chhote scientist program, which will be with AIM in Jammu and Kashmir Chhattisgarh and North-
The eastern states of the country.
It will appoint an innovation Guardian to train innovative talents and innovative thinking of students and use its network of employees and customers to attract volunteers to implement the program more quickly.
To strengthen learning, KPIT will organize workshops, training camps, innovation contests and science exhibitions during the course. R.
Ramanan, Atal innovation mission director at NITI Aayog, said, \"The focus of the government is to drive the construction of a knowledge economy that represents educational growth, a strong R & D culture and a fast
An evolving ecosystem of startups
With this partnership, KPIT will enable us to expand our vision of promoting grass
Root innovator with bottom
Method and set priorities for more public
Promote private partnerships in the national education system.
\"Anup Sable, CTO, KPIT said,\" We are pleased and honored that NITI Aayog has the opportunity to contribute to their goal of cultivating millions of children in India as a technology innovator.
In less than a decade, India will have the largest population in the world and will need growth accelerators like Repair Labs and incubation centers to boost innovation and startup for our next generation of workforce.
KPIT will also provide two volumes of Chhote scientist brochures to help more than 2500 schools under the ATL initiative prepare courses and teaching aids.
It will also provide online teaching assistance for the execution of reference experiments in the brochure
ATL students.
In addition, KPIT will work with its partner NGO Jnana Prabodhini to develop a senior syllabus for science that will be taught through the Chhote scientist platform in the next phase
In the future, KPIT will work with Atal\'s innovation mission to carry out additional teacher training programs for ATLs and apply psychometric tests to measure the improvement of students\' scientific temperament, the statement added, quarterly newsletters may be available for all ATL schools.
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