It’s a small world

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There is a model that captures our charm in an instant.
It is intended to give a true and faithful statement rather than an example that can be fabricated.
Architects, hospitals, and research institutions are proud to present models as works of art.
This is a way to interact with the audience, giving 360-
Participation in angle and touch.
Builders attract buyers.
Industrial display products and factories. Ideas sell.
No wonder model manufacturers are sought after --
They have a realistic reduced impression of buildings and products.
Interestingly, Chennai\'s model makers followed suit and even went to other cities because of their professional art. As good as real! V. S.
Thangamani, who once produced a detailed and complex pump model for designer Rajesh Mirajker, was very realistic and his client asked, \"Does it have a motor?
Mirakel\'s relationship with his model.
It has been more than 30 years since the manufacturer.
When he recently wanted to add something gorgeous to his bike, he immediately went to tanggani, \"We sat together and designed this design for a funky Fender.
\"Within a day or two, Thangamani has the pattern ready, molded fiberglass and fitted with a Fender to match the details in the loop.
No one imagined it was put together, thinking that the Fender could be used as an attachment on the shelf.
Donghamani, 68, is proud of his craft.
He was trained as a civil draftsman and joined M. V.
In 1965, Gopalan of the modern institution continued for his son M. P.
Manohar enters 1990
Gopalan is a pioneer in the toy industry, models and internal systems, and Thangamani is a team member who makes early models for Gemini Flyover
When it was built in 1973, it was the longest flyover in the country.
\"Gopalan once said that he has five pillars. I am one of them.
Armed at the front.
With management experience, Thangamani started the best model manufacturers in the 1990 s to create models for Highways and Toubro, the highway department and hospitals.
Recently, ITC Grand Chola\'s refined miniatures and NIOT\'s research and underwater equipment stand out for their seamless completion.
Thangamani\'s teammates trained with him since childhood.
In a compact space, everyone works with his expertise --screen-
Print, cut and assemble with polystyrene and plastic.
Thangamani said, \"there are no employees here.
We all share our profits.
We all work by hand.
\"In the 1970 s, when there was no ready-made exhibition structure, Narayana Swamy innovatively addressed the company\'s existing needs in exhibitions and fairs and produced exhibitions, banners and models: many young craftsmen learned the craft from him.
Access artModel-
In Chennai, production is a highly protected profession that is passed on by the chief craftsman to valuable practitioners. Likewise, N.
Qian\'s credit to the old man for his basic understandingtimer A.
Fidelis, who is responsible for his transition to a scale model.
\"He trained many of us in an art, otherwise it would not be easy to reach.
Today, trees, lawns and car models are ready.
Chandra said he learned to green the sawdust to mimic the lawn and squeeze a small amount of foam into rolled copper wire to make trees.
After obtaining a degree in visual communication at the government Academy of Fine Arts in Egmore, the first model of Chandru is the booth design of the advertising company.
As a visual designer, his strength complements his designcum-
Delivery strategy.
In addition to the model, he also made souvenirs, stalls and spotsof-
Purchase display.
\"In a way, I\'m like a carpenter --
\"Similar processes, different materials,\" said Chandra, who works independently . \".
\"I should be able to see any project.
That\'s my motto, \"he said, showing me a model of school DNA and a map of India with miniature lighthouses on it.
Hari Baskar, commissioned by Hyundai and television, said a model is ideal for the company\'s chairman and board members to visually see all aspects of the building.
\"It takes time to drive in a big factory.
The model gives an immediate overview.
\"The profession includes meticulous work, a preference for perfectionism and patience, and Baskar, the holder of the Diploma in Civil Engineering, said few people accept the challenge.
Baskar explained that this was mainly developed as an organized industry. While model-
Manufacturers outsource cutting and small entrepreneurs can\'t afford to invest more in advanced machinery, which will bring the benefits of fast turnaround.
For example, when designer Mirajker found it difficult to manually copy the outline of the faucet, he chose a quick prototyping.
Even with our desktop compression experience, the digital age has to open up new ways to reconnect hands, heads and hearts to bring a bigger business to enthusiasts and professionals to make models.
Human touch will continue to help and enhance the experience of these small worlds through different tools.
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