is additive manufacturing going to print profits?

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-09
There will always be money making on the next trend, and the people who make money are those who see the trend before it happens.
Now, I am not here to say for sure what the next trend is, but to open my eyes to a possibility, a possibility of risk but potential. 3-
Printing is an emerging industry full of questions and warnings, but like any baby, there is still a lot of room for development.
Profitability and efficiency are synonymous in a changing business environment, and many companies are looking for new 3-
D. printing technology to increase the speed of product development and research, while some people use this technology to plan physical projects and blueprints.
Growth opportunities predict where growth will be achieved, and how the market will respond to the various products and products of such a new industry is almost impossible.
Nevertheless, this consensus suggests that growth will be achieved in the next few years as $5 billion of industry is expected to double in the next three years.
At present, there is no clear development path for the industry, because it has been involved in the fields of consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, prototyping, medical artificial limbs, etc, but no market has yet declared itself a clear winner.
A promising market in the manufacturing industry is prototype manufacturing, accounting for 24.
The industry currently accounts for 5%. By using 3-
D printers, project managers and engineers are able to produce detailed prototypes cheaply and quickly to create a more efficient workplace.
For manufacturing companies that have been stagnant for a long time, cheaper prototypes and higher efficiency will drive profits and look for ways to improve profits.
Looking for more and more companies to implement 3-
As the cost becomes cheaper and the benefits become more visible, D printers are used for innovation and prototyping.
Another more opaque market is the consumer market.
Of course, there are great opportunities, but before achieving serious growth, the gap between hobbies and practical practicality must be bridged.
Consumption Today 3-
Printers like MakerBot have very little revenue in the additive manufacturing industry, but the market is growing.
Revenue increased from $2013 to $34 in 2014.
$8 million to $43.
8 million, an increase of 26%.
The opportunity for rapid growth is really in the hands of the company\'s marketing capabilities
D. as a printer for consumer goods, it broke the narrow, open-
It is currently in the consumer market.
The automotive industry is another potential market. D printing.
The ability to make custom parts in a very short period of time will not only change the manufacturing end, but also change the car repair and maintenance company. On-site 3-
D printers will allow faster, more customized repairs to almost any brand or model, eliminating the wait for ordering and shipping parts.
Forecast by consulting firm Carlisle & Company,
The dealer\'s on-site printer can meet the replacement parts and repair needs of 30%.
At present, a barrier remains 3-
D. printing of further price increases.
It is still relatively expensive, and in an industry where an established approach is still effective, the company does not want to bear unnecessary costs if it does not provide enough value.
Nevertheless, as technology advances, the price of additive manufacturing is expected to decline in the coming years.
Siemens has forecast a 50% drop in prices and a 400% increase in speed.
Printing technology for the next five years.
Combining this with a large number of market and industry opportunities can provide a strong reason for investment in additive manufacturing.
Below is a quick overview of market expansion opportunities using 3-1
D print provided by CSC.
Of course, there are countless reasons for every uncertain market to be vigilant.
One focus of additive manufacturing is laws and regulations. Owners of 3-
D printers can make a lot of very creative and innovative items, but with this ability, the possibility of printing dangerous and potentially illegal things comes.
For example, if a person prints a gun or ammunition that he cannot get, he may break the law.
This may not directly affect investment, but profits may slow if the government further regulates businesses and consumers.
This is a new, very vague regulatory environment that should be seen as a factor in the investment in additive manufacturing.
Where to invest in additive manufacturing industry is not
Even smarter, many companies may fail even if the industry takes off.
With the development and maturity of the financial sector, it may be difficult to find the right investment.
One way to get into a less risky market is by planning to enter a mature company in the additive manufacturing industry.
Two options for this route are Hewlett. Packard (NYSE:HPQ)or Canon (NYSE:CAJ)
All plans to increase 3-
Print to their business group.
This is a relatively low-risk investment because both HP and Jia can have a good record and a high market share, and they will not rely solely on 3-
Print for profit.
Opportunities for more direct investment to enter the core of the industry also exist.
3D Systems and other companies (NYSE:DDD)and Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS)
Is the market leader so far, but in the past year, there has been a massive loss in stock prices.
This can be attributed to many factors, but stratasymakerbot\'s failure at the end of 2014 required a re-adjustment of the company\'s strategy and investment.
To ensure an increase in long-term spending
Long-term growth has led to a decline in current earnings, with stock prices hitting hard in 2015.
These companies are positioned to grow with the industry, and they may see more attractive stock price growth as spending returns over the long term.
It is very exciting to find a new market that is growing and sustainable to invest, not to mention profitable and difficult.
While additive manufacturing is growing and is expected to continue to grow in the near future, its sustainability is not yet certain in the long run.
There are many exciting market opportunities to not only profit from, but also to simply witness the power of the technology.
After the stock price fell sharply, leading 3-
Printing companies like Stratasys don\'t look very attractive, but if they can stimulate the long term
With spending increasing, long-term growth in the company and the fuel industry, investors and consumers are likely to have an exciting journey.
Before computers become an integral part of our society, I will give you the last idea that computers are for amateurs and professional companies. Right now, 3-
Printers are used by amateurs and professional companies.
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