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A Orthopaedic Research Center developed from a major investment in hip and knee surgery facilities at Concordia Hospital is becoming a high
The world of joint implants technology.
Recently, the plastic surgery Innovation Center has partnered with one of the world\'s largest 3D printer manufacturers to apply for patents for the design of new antibiotics
Injected joint implants.
Martin peterak, CEO of the Islamic Conference, said that while it is only in a patent --
The application phase, with the aim of forming a derivative company, continues the necessary research to prove the efficacy of the technology and ultimately commercialize it.
That is exactly what the organization of the Islamic Conference envisioned when it was founded less than five years ago by the Concorde Foundation, when it received $5 million in funding from the federal and provincial governments.
Its task is to evaluate and create new orthopedic techniques while supporting the newly established hip and knee joint institute in kangkodias.
After about four years of existence, the organization of the Islamic Conference is now becoming another source of the new world --
First-class technology in the province with commercial potential. As a non-
Profit-making institutions are already
Through various income to maintain-
Produce research and service projects.
Part of its mission is to develop new technologies that can be split into private sector start-ups.
\"It takes a lot of investment to get this device to market,\" said Petrak . \". \"As a not-for-
This is not our jurisdiction.
What we do is nurture new companies and then attract foreign investment or private investment through new startups to develop and commercialize products locally.
\"Les Janzen, chief operating officer of the Concordia Foundation, said that the organization of the Islamic Conference is doing what it expects to do and that its development is very encouraging.
\"The Concorde Foundation is pleased to represent our patients as supporters of the far-sighted work of the organization of the Islamic Conference,\" Janzen said . \".
Patent applications recently disclosed publicly describe antibiotic and/or bone bindinggrowth-
Lift the composition to special materials used to make implants using 3D printing technology.
Petrak said there is a trend in the field of orthopedics in terms of new medical devices developed for material development and 3D printing.
There is also a lot of work to be done to find out how to strike after
Implant infections can be catastrophic for patients and require complex surgery.
\"I think if we can combine antibiotics with new materials, it might be possible to create any geometric device we want, then we can provide patients with a direct antibiotic release system, he said.
There is still a lot of work to be done before testing this technology, but Stratasys Ltd, a partner of the organization of the Islamic Conference, 3D printer manufacturer.
Passionate about the prospects.
Vice President Jim o\'lock
Material Development President with Stratasys in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
He said they have been working with the organization of the Islamic Conference for more than two years and early tests have shown that this could work.
\"As far as we know, using a drug --
\"Eluding materials using a 3D printing process are novel and we hope that many people will benefit from this capability in the future,\" Orrock said . \".
Stratasys is growing rapidly in the use of 3D printingits first-
Sales rose more than 0. 15 billion in the first quarter of this year to reach the dollar.
It noted that the organization of the Islamic Conference is developing a high level of niche expertise.
\"The organization of the Islamic Conference has brought great value to these conversations, including creative thinking about how to develop 3D printing design freedom for orthopedic and other medical applications,\" Orrock said . \".
3D printing is not all.
The organization of the Islamic Conference has helped to form a national radio stereo analysis (RSA)
Network, this is a dedicated X-
Ray devices for monitoring the function of joint implants.
It also built one of the country\'s only warehouses
Growing data banks
Implants that had to be removed for various reasons.
Earlier this year, it set up the organization of the Islamic Conference precision laboratory to provide the same expertise and technology to non-Islamic countries
Medical sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing, utilities and mining.
Dale kailington, director of sales and marketing at the organization of the Islamic Conference, said that the types of services and equipment that the organization of the Islamic Conference has, such as super-
The precise measuring device is very consistent with the needs of the aerospace department.
\"We think there is a good opportunity here,\" Kellington said . \".
\"We have just been six months, but this progress is very encouraging. \" martin. cash@freepress. mb.
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