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Industrial man will attend 2018 China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition


Date: November 16 – 19, 2018

Time: 9:00-18:00

ADD: ChinaImport and Export Fair Complex



        Driving part:

Engine, gear box and exhaust device

        Chassis, body, roof covering parts:

Axle, steering wheel, brake, wheels, shock absorbers, tire and rubber parts, doors, windows, car interior trim panel, seat, bumper, car fixed device, driving cabin, airbags, folding roof, can be folded shed, panoramic roof window.

        Automotive electrical equipment and electrical equipment:

Automotive starter, generator, circuit, battery, car lamp, cable, control equipment, auxiliary driving system, parking and distance control equipment, instrument and meter, electronic control device, air conditioning system.

        Automotive supplies and modification:

Audio, speakers, antennas, navigation, remote control, communication, mobile telephone, anti-theft device such as a, modified car, modified car design system, improved, modified appearance, washing equipment, nurturing equipment, cleaning agent, explosion-proof membrane, seat cover, perfume.

        Standard parts, lubricants and other.

        Maintenance and testing equipment:

Maintenance and testing equipment, tools, etc..

        Foundry and die casting in automobile industry:

Automobile casting parts, die casting parts, precision die casting parts, etc..

        Automobile manufacturing and equipment:

3D printing technology, industrial robots, automotive equipment, various kinds of automotive mould, automobile coating technology, automobile materials and applications, automotive design and information, automobile industry and recycling, industrial assembly and transmission technology.


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