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INDUSTRIAL-MAN high-quality 3D print metal for tooling

INDUSTRIAL-MAN high-quality 3D print metal for tooling

INDUSTRIAL-MAN high-quality 3D print metal for tooling
  • INDUSTRIAL-MAN high-quality 3D print metal for tooling

INDUSTRIAL-MAN high-quality 3D print metal for tooling

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Resin;PA;PA+GF;ABS;aluminum etc
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Color of material:natural;white;black;grey;transparent
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Industrial-man pays great attention to details of cnc service.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.Industrial-man has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. cnc service has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.
Company Advantages
1. For designing INDUSTRIAL-MAN 3D print , different lines, curves, colors, and textures are used. These elements are blended in such a way as to make the design beautiful.
2. This product is tested before delivery to meet top-notch quality standards.
3. Its quality is guaranteed by the comprehensive quality control system.
4. The product has perfect closures that keep items safe during transport and provide tamper evidence while allowing customers to access easily after purchase.

3D printingThe design process of 3D printing:

 Firstly use software to build a model, and then split the 3D model to a layer-by-layer cross-section, ie, slicing, so as to guide the printer to print layer by layer.

The standard file format between design software and printers is the STL file. A STL file uses a triangular face to approximate the surface of a simulated object. The smaller the triangular face, the higher the generated surface resolution. PLY is a scanner that generates a 3D file by scanning, and the generated VRML or WRL file is often used as an input file for full-color printing.

SLS Techonology

The processing process is to use a powder spreading stick to lay a layer of powder material on the upper surface of the formed part and heat it to a temperature just below the sintering point of the powder, and the control system controls the laser beam according to the cross-sectional profile of the layer in the powder. The upper scan causes the temperature of the powder to rise to the melting point, is sintered, and is bonded to the formed portion below. When the sintering of one layer is completed, the workbench is lowered by the thickness of one layer, and the paving roll is coated with a layer of evenly dense powder to perform sintering of a new layer until the entire model is completed.

Material type

The laser used in SLS is a carbon dioxide laser. The raw materials used are wax, polycarbonate, nylon, slender nylon, synthetic nylon, metal and some developing materials.

The Advantages of SLS Rapid Prototyping

  • A variety of materials can be used.

  • In principle, this method can be applied to any powder material with reduced viscosity when heated, and can be made into any shape by materials or various types of binder-containing coating particles to meet different needs.

  • The manufacturing process is relatively simple.

  • Due to the variety of materials available, the selective laser sintering process can directly produce complex shaped prototypes, cavity mold 3D components or components and tools, depending on the materials used.

  • High precision.

  • Depending on the type and particle size of the material used, the geometry and complexity of the product, the process typically achieves a tolerance of ±(0.05--2.5) mm over the entire range of the workpiece. When the particle size of the powder is 0.1 mm or less, the prototype accuracy after molding can reach ±1%.

  • High material utilization rate.

  • Since the process does not require a support structure, does not have a lot of waste as in the LOM process, and does not require substrate support, the process is the highest in many common rapid prototyping processes and can be considered as 100%. Most of the powders used in the SLS process are less expensive, so the cost of the SLS model is also lower.

  • The production cycle is short.

  • From CAD design to the completion of parts processing, it takes only a few hours to tens of hours. The entire production process is digitized and can be modified at any time and manufactured at any time. This feature makes it particularly suitable for the development of new products.

  • Combined with traditional process methods,

  • it can realize functions such as rapid casting, rapid mold manufacturing, and small batch parts output, and inject new vitality into traditional manufacturing methods.

  • Wide application.

  • Due to the variety of molding materials, the SLS process is suitable for a variety of applications, such as prototype design verification, mold master, precision casting, casting shells and cores.

Company Features
1. For many years, Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. has only focused on production 3D print .
2. Because of three dimensional printing technology, the quality of sls 3d printing is far more better than before.
3. INDUSTRIAL-MAN sticks to 3rd printing companies first and custom cnc milling on top principle. Check it! Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. always put customers in first place and serve them well. Check it! Complying with the tenet of cnc 3d helps INDUSTRIAL-MAN grow more in this market. Check it! Bearing the mission of 3d manufacturing keeps us passionate everyday. Check it!


Low Price Wholesale Atomized Powder Uncoated 3D Printing Aluminum Powder


Product Properties

Silver appearance, regular particle size and high spherical degree

Narrow distribution range and high vibrated density

Active aluminum content above 98%, low impurity, free of foreign matters and agglomeration, minimum moisture content and long shelf time


Product specification and technical indexes





1.Chemical catalyst

2.PV & electronic paste

3.Ceramics & fire-resistance

4.Metallic Pigment

5.Military industry

6.Compound material





Advanced Equipment


Technical Advantage

1. Safe and stable process

2. Excellent atomization effect

3. High classification accuracy


Quality Inspection and Control

Inspection methods for physical and chemical properties



Standards Employed in Inspection

Inspection Method


Particle size analysis


Laser diffraction method



GJB1738 Appendix A

Gravitational sedimentation


Vibrated density

GB 5162



Active aluminum

GJB1738 Appendix B

Oxidation-reduction method



GB 3169.3

Weight method


Fe content

GB 6987.4

Phenanthroline photometric


Si content

GB 6987.6

Molybdenum blue photometric


Cu Cotent

GJB1738 Appendix C

DDTC photometric method


Detecting Equipment and technical Codes






Particle size analysis

BT-1500 type centrifugal sedimentation particle size distribution analyzer


BT-9300S type laser particle size analyser




Mastersizer 2000 type laser particle size tester



Spherical degree

LW300JT microscope

Computer display with magnification: 100-2,000


Vibrated density

Type BT-301 vibrated density analyser



Actived aluminum

Oxidation-reduction method




722S specrophotometer




AFK-1PIUS moisture meter



Oxygen content

Type ON-3000 nitrogen oxygen analyzer







Filled in plastic bag and then packed with paper, plastic or metallic materials and closed sealed.

Special requirements shall be stated in the contract with mutual agreement.


Factory Environment



Exhibition show


Contact Information


Rosy  ( +8615111444515 )  Tel: 0086 82810015



Global Market

    Our customers come from all over the world.We will try our best to provide customers best service.We really want to build long-term business with you.So pls feel free to contact us at any time.


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