IBM invests to accelerate development and commercialisation of disruptive technologies in Asia

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Singapore June 9, 2016/Mattel /--
In less than five years, disruptive technologies such as cognitive computing and blockchain are expected to drive a huge shift in every industry from healthcare, financial services to tourism.
In order to help customers of all sizes in the Asia-Pacific region lead the future of the industry, IBM (NYSE: IBM)
Today announced plans to help rapidly prototype and commercialize cognitive computing and blockchain-based solutions.
Experience Interactive Multimedia News Release here: IBM today opened the Watson Center in Marina Bay, an incubator designed to bring together organizations, business partners and IBM experts of all sizes
Create business solutions that leverage IBM\'s cognitive, blockchain, and design capabilities.
IBM\'s new Asia Pacific headquarters is located in the same location in the heart of Singapore\'s financial district.
The Marina Bay Watson Center will become a professional center for nearly 5,000 IBM cognitive solutions professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, it includes researchers, Watson IBM experts, data scientists, software engineers, agile developers, and analytics experts.
It will also provide education, hackathons and custom workshops for a wider range of innovators ecosystem including software companies, startups, developers and system integrators.
The center will host customers in the Asia-Pacific region who want to be a leader in a variety of markets and industries, leverage Watson technology to improve through learning and discover insights hidden in a large amount of complex data.
IBM has been working to meet the growing demand for cognitive computing in the Asia-Pacific region through various channels, including partnerships with Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand and SK Holdings C & C in Korea, and the establishment of a developer ecosystem in the region.
\"We are pleased with IBM\'s decision to establish the Asia Pacific headquarters and the new Watson center in Singapore, as well as some innovative initiatives aimed at developing influential digital solutions for customers, yeoh Keat Chuan, managing director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, said.
\"This proves the rise of Singapore --
The Up ecosystem, the presence of powerful industry verticals, and the availability of digital talent with deep capabilities.
\"Asia\'s leading financial services group financial services Bank will work with the Watson Center in Marina Bay to develop new use cases based on disruptive technologies and assist it in supporting the strategy of fintech startups in the region.
Mr. Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS, said, \"at DBS, we seek to leverage digital technology to enable our customers to conduct banking with ease and ease.
While we shape the future of the banking industry, it is important to work with the booming innovation ecosystem to tap disruptive technologies and ideas.
Our partnership with IBM will help us continue to drive innovation within DBS and help accelerate and grow local innovation
Innovation in financial technology.
\"HealthcareParkway Pantai, one of Asia\'s largest integrated private medical group, is working with IBM to improve the quality of patient care in the intensive care unit at Elizabeth shanovina hospital and improve patient prognosis, Singapore.
According to Parkway Pantai\'s efforts to improve patient care and outcomes using new technologies, the use of Watson\'s technology helps with real-
Time data analysis and notification of expected critical and life-
Threat incident
Dr. Kelvin Loh, managing director of Parkway Pantai Singapore operations, said, \"systems like cognitive computing can continuously read, monitor and quickly understand large amounts of data.
With decision support tools like Watson, our clinicians and nurses can get the data in the right environment to meet the needs of patients faster and more personalized.
This will bring more efficiency and better results to our patients.
\"The key factor in TourismA driving global cognitive technology is providing Watson APIs and services to businesses and developers through the Watson platform.
ZUMATA Technologies, a provider of integrated hotel inventory services for global online travel companies, is leveraging Watson IBM to provide a more personalized experience for hotel referrals.
ZUMATA\'s platform keeps learning from every customer interaction to provide a more personalized experience, thus increasing the booking conversion rate.
Robert Meza, director of ZUMATA, said, \"planning a trip can be very time consuming for many people.
There is so much information to digest and choose where to go and where to live that it can be daunting to compare prices to values.
In the process of booking travel and accommodation, customers look for inspiration and convenience.
Our goal is to make travel more personalized and more effective to match consumers with the perfect travel.
\"With the emergence of blockchain and growing demand from Asian customers for exploring the possibilities of this transformative technology, IBM will help accelerate design, develop and commercialize the Singapore blockchain application through the IBM garage and IBM Global Entrepreneur project.
In the IBM Garage, experts work with customers, developers and entrepreneurs to test-
Drive tools, processes, and programs that implement blockchain.
The garage builds a bridge between enterprise size and start-up culture, supports the development of blockchain ecosystems based on open standards, and creates new job opportunities in Singapore.
IBM global entrepreneurs plan to help start-ups and entrepreneurs who build a new generation of distributed ledger applications on the blockchain leverage the power of IBM cloud, and deeply connect and embed IBM\'s vast global network of corporate customers, consultants, and innovation centers to quickly build, scale and accelerate growth.
\"Watson and blockchain are two technologies that will quickly change the way we live and work, and our customers in the Asia-Pacific region are eager to lead us to the future, randy Walker, chairman and CEO of IBM Asia Pacific, said.
\"Here they can leverage the latest customer experience design, use cognitive technology to gain insight from a lot of data, and leverage IBM\'s huge investment in R & D.
Working with our customers, we are building local talent and building an ecosystem to accelerate the development of cognitive solutions and blockchain platforms. \"IBM Studios -
The Watson Center at Marina Bay Singapore will also host the Singapore IBM studio, a new hub that combines experience design and digital expertise to support customer innovation.
With this studio, IBM will help Asia Pacific customers analyze business challenges through the combination of IBM\'s research technology, cognitive capabilities and experience design, and develop solutions based on a more personalized digital experience.
Stefan Hirsch, head of ASEAN at IBM iX, said, \"our designers work with customers through customer experiences from strategy, creativity and design to scalable digital, business, mobile and wearable platformsWe sit side-by-
Invent and collaborate with our customers
Leverage IBM\'s leadership in cognition, research, and design to create personalized, innovative solutions that take the digital experience to a higher level for customers.
IBM Watson: creating a new computing era, Watson represents a new computing era called cognitive computing, where systems understand the world through senses, learning, and experience.
Watson constantly learns from previous interactions and gains value and knowledge over time.
With the help of Watson, organizations are using the power of cognitive computing to transform the industry, help professionals to get their jobs done better and address important challenges.
In order to advance Watson\'s development, IBM has three specialized business units: Watson, which was established to develop the cloud.
Provide cognitive computing technologies that represent the commercial use of \"artificial intelligence\" or \"artificial intelligence\" in various industries;
Watson Health is committed to improving the ability of doctors, researchers and insurance companies, as well as other relevant health organizations, to present new insights from the data to provide personalized health care;
Watson IoT focuses on understanding the data embedded in more than 9 billion connected devices running in the world today that generate 2.
There are 5 New bytes of data per day.
For more information about IBM Watson, visit: ibm.
Com/Watson and ibm.
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