Human Doll Cloning: Japanese Company 3D Prints Real People\'s Faces On Toys (PHOTOS)

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-24
When the 3D printed Avatar is not satisfied, the 3D printed self-
Portrait feels a little too sick, where is the technologysavvy ego-
Burn with cash to turn fetish?
Japanese startup clone factory
Up, which specializes in 3D printing faces, will meet you halfway.
Yes, for $1,300, the factory will print your face on the doll or capture a portrait of a precious pet. (
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How does it work?
As Danny Choo of Japanese culture found, the process of \"cloning\" is quite simple.
Basically, the subjects sit in a chair surrounded by a DSLR camera and take pictures in sequence.
The technician rendered the digital map of the subject\'s head together and then printed it into plaster.
\"Cloning is printed in a layer of ink and the ink is hardened in plaster,\" Choo noted . \".
According to TechHandle, the cloning service is popular among \"Japanese women who want to preserve that special moment in their lives by cloning hair and makeup, even the clothes they wear, such as the day of the wedding
The messy Chic of the fashion blog approached the trend with less enthusiasm, warning, \"No matter what you do, don\'t make eye contact.
Whether it\'s creepy or not, the only thing these \"clones\" pose a threat to the owner\'s reputation is ---
This cannot be said for other 3D printing items in the news.
Are these dolls elegant or creepy?
Take our investigation and let us know in the comments.
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