hp to sell 3d printers in india from early next year

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-22
Aware of the huge opportunity for business and industrial 3D printing in India, HP, the global PC and printer giant, announced on Friday that it would start selling the next one --
By the beginning of next year, 3D printers were produced in the country.
According to Samer Chandra, general manager of HP India, the company is discussing with various industry stakeholders to help them start 3D printing in India.
\"We will be in the next 2-
\"As part of our commitment to contribute to India\'s growth journey, we made a 3-month visit to India,\" Chandra said here . \".
Its multi-jet fusion (MJF)
3D printing technology, HP plans to interrupt $12 trillion (roughly Rs.
RS 7, 73, 56,117)
Global manufacturing market, and hope to push the prototype technology of 3D printing to the development of manufacturing parts.
\"Initially, the focus will be on industries such as cars and healthcare in India, but there are huge opportunities,\" Chandra added . \".
Although 3D printing technology is still in its infancy, it is gradually taking shape in India.
HP released the world\'s first product in 2016-
Commercial 3D printing systems that bring disruptive manufacturing solutions to the market.
HP, along with partners such as Nike and BMW, has taken an important step in reshaping prototypes and manufacturing, introducing the first commercial 3D printer based on an open platform.
\"HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solutions will provide up to 10 times as high quality physical parts at half the cost of the current 3D printing system,\" said Chandra . \".
The HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution provides a streamlined workflow and reduced costs for breakthrough prototyping, final part manufacturing, and breakthrough economy.
To accelerate 3D printing in industrial production, HP recently announced the manufacture of its \"multi-jet fusion\" 3D printer with Siemens additive (AM)
Software modules.
HP also announced its 3D-
It has a print portfolio of \"HP multi-jet fusion 4210 platform.
As India\'s PC market recovers, HP has maintained a leading position in the entire traditional PC market with 31 PCs.
The third quarter of this year\'s share of 1.
HP records 30 healthy
Growth of 2% (year-on-year)
Because of a country-
IDC, a global market research firm, said it has educational programs and strong consumer demand.
\"It\'s a proud moment for HP to stay on top of the market in the personal computing industry.
\"On our journey, we are at an exciting moment because we reinvent ourselves on the basis of design, innovation and customer value,\" said Chandra . \".
\"The personal computer is not going anywhere.
\"Smartphones are relevant, but people will have to turn to computers and laptops to generate content,\" HP India executives said . \" He added that the company will plan to invest more in the country\'s manufacturing industry.
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