How to Remove Plastic Molding From Vinyl Windows

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-31
PVC or vinyl window fittings are often referred to as plastic molding.It is used to align the exterior of the vinyl window on the wall and does not require painting.Plastic Molding is moisture-proof, but due to the presence of impurities in plastic dyes, it may fade or turn yellow over time.The plastic vinyl window shape is installed in the same way as the wooden window decoration, which is removed with a crowbar and hammer, similar to the way the wooden window decoration is removed from the wall.Insert a metal putty blade between the window trim or molded and vinyl window frame, also known as the window frame.You may need to hit the end of the putty knife handle with a hammer and place it between the trim and the frame.Move the metal putty blade back and forth to create enough space for the flat end of the short crowbar to insert between the molded and the window frame.Insert the flat end of the short crowbar between the mold and the window frame so that it rests on the side of the metal putty knife.The putty blade will protect the vinyl window frame from the end of the crowbar.Pry up the molded part until it moves with the crowbar.Remove the crowbar.Remove the putty knife.Continue to insert a metal putty knife between the mold and the vinyl window frame, and work around the mold, release it, and then pry it open with a crowbar until all the window shapes are removed.
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