how automotive metal cutting works

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-22
Automotive metal cutting technology automotive metal cutting in other manufacturing industries, such as shipbuilding, uses many of the same technologies and technologies as metal cutting. For small, low-
No Super amount of work required
Accurate accuracy-
For example, the type of metal cut in a garage for car enthusiasts-
This tool can be as simple as manual.
Operation cut.
But for large quantities of work, or for the automotive manufacturing industry that requires very precise cutting, the equipment becomes more complex.
For example, computer-
In the highly competitive automotive industry, controlled lasers, plasma cutting machines and water jets are often used. Auto parts suppliers have been looking for tools that can save Labor without sacrificing quality.
Here are some quick snapshots of precision heavy machinery
Work: laser works well when cutting steel plates up to 1/2inch (1. 27-centimeter)
Up to 1/3 thick aluminum-inch (0. 9-centimeter)thick.
Laser is most effective for materials without impurities and inconsistency. Lower-
A high quality material can cause a rough cut or molten metal to splash onto a laser lens.
Plasma: the plasma blows the ionised gas flow through the negatively charged electrode inside the torch nozzle.
At the same time, the metal to be cut is positively charged.
When the gas touches the metal, it produces an over-heated area between 20,000 and 50,000 degrees F (
11,093 and 27,760 degrees Celsius)
Through pieces of metal [
Source: Rupenthal and Burnham].
In order for cars to look and perform best, their metal parts must be cut in a very narrow range of precision known as tolerances.
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