How 3D Printing Will Drive A Future Of Personalization

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-23
Under the 1957 comedy stand, a \"state-of-the-
A computer full of warehouses-
The room was very conspicuous.
Even with computer technology, it is so huge and expensive that only big companies can afford it.
It can be said that technology has come a long way since then.
When the idea of personal computing takes root, the whole industry has changed.
Twenty years ago, we printed photos at a pharmacy and reports at a Kinko store.
Today, we will not expect to leave the office for such a task.
Manufacturing is ready for another technological revolution.
Currently we go to the store to buy when we need the hardware, but this will change.
3D printing represents a movement of personal manufacturing that forces us to rethink the distribution of products.
Its impact will be enormous.
Breaking the chain of 3d printing, people will be freed from the idea that they need to rely on certain suppliers to buy goods.
For example, a Enterprising college student printed his orthodontic retainer for less than $60.
The products cost thousands of dollars without insurance and are printed on the university 3D printer.
DIY dentistry is not advocated here, but it does come up with an interesting idea: as 3D printers become more mainstream, manufacturers may have less influence on consumers.
In addition, 3D printing will break the existing supply chain.
As manufacturing moves closer to the people, the whole industry will have to adjust.
The company will be able to bring the middleman from conception to distribution at a faster rate.
The benefits of big and small revolutionary businesses can look forward to the benefits of 3D printing.
There are several obvious advantages: enterprises can take more risks.
When a product takes less time to produce, it will be cheaper when it fails.
Of course, if it succeeds, the profit margin will be greater.
Due to increased costs-
Effective production allows companies to produce prototypes quickly and cheaply without worrying about expensive conception and manufacturing phases.
Asking for feedback before starting a final promotion allows businesses to try and create more innovative products.
Customization is a snapshot. With the cost-
The effectiveness of 3D printing enables businesses to better customize their products for their customers.
Therefore, consumers will no longer need to choose from the same old standardized model.
Business value will only increase.
3D printing is still in its infancy.
There is still a lot to learn and we are just beginning to understand what it can do.
The company will continue to enjoy the cost-
The effectiveness of this technology in the coming years.
Given the future of 3D printing, there are many benefits of 3D printing, but not no challenges.
For example, a company can print a shoe for you based on the specific specifications of your foot.
Technology already exists, but this custom price point
The shoes made are still much higher than the standard ones.
Regardless of technology, traditional manufacturing is still needed.
Until technology becomes mainstream, there is still a place for traditional supply chains and distribution.
Frankly, the infrastructure is too large to disappear completely. Open-
Source collaboration will reduce the price of customized and 3D printed products over time, but until then, traditional manufacturing will fill the gap. Larger-
Scale enterprises can be manufactured in real time, but customization only happens when the market matches the speed of technology.
When we prepare 3D to become mainstream, open-
SOURCE technology can pave the way for a new value proposition.
Small companies and big companies will be able to create value for customers through customization-
But in the long run, the cost of creating and selling these products makes sense.
The turmoil in the entire manufacturing industry is likely to come faster than we expected.
How long will it take for us to order a custom shoe online and ship it to our door in a few days or hours?
Only time will tell us.
When engineers consider printing the results of 3D organs based on our own DNA, we can be sure that the future of 3D printing is bright.
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