home improvement; moldings of plastic look like wood but are easier to work with

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Bernard Gladstone Zhan
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Plastic shapes that look like wood but are lighter and easier to use
In most cases, it is cheaper than similar wood shapes
Widely available.
Plastic styling is made in most popular shapes and sizes, and also has a more gorgeous style, ideal for traditional heavy-duty wood or plaster styling that is hard to find or expensive.
Just like the wooden shapes they designed to replicate, plastic shapes can be used to dress up walls and decorate flush doors, cabinets and buildingsins.
Unlike the wood mold, the plastic version does not break or crack when you try to nail the plastic in the proper position, and they are usually easier to cut, Mitter and j oin because they do not
Also, since most plastic molds are also done by the factory, they eliminate another problemit-
When using wood molds on surfaces to be dyed or finished with varnish, your farmers often face: they do not need to be dyed or sorted out.
Most common wood shapes are uneven in terms of air holes, or vary widely in terms of shadows.
It can be difficult to dye or give them a \"natural\" wood finish (
Unless you buy a look made of pine, it\'s hard to find, and it\'s usually expensive).
Of course, these problems are not important if you want to draw wood molds, but you can also draw plastic molds using latex.
The most widely sold plastic molding material is made of foam PVC, commonly referred to as PVC.
These are made of colored plastic extrusion, so the basic color will go through the material all the time, which means that if the edges of the cut are exposed, there is no need for contact.
This plastic can\'t be dyed (
Stains will not \"take away \")
, But if necessary due to wear or other accidents, it can be modified with a colored putty stick or crayons in a matching shade.
In addition to being squeezed in color, the styling is overprinted to create a real woodgrain finish.
Most brands can choose a pattern or color to do so
You can almost always find the styling that blends with the existing finish yourself.
At least two companies produce and sell this molding material across the country: the Gossen division of the American plaster company (
2030 West Bend Road, Milwaukee, Wis. 53209)
And @ Abit ibi-
Price Company (
3250 Troy West Beaver Road, Michigan48084).
The price of the styling varies by size and style.
Gossen looks range from 8 cents to 85 cents.
The narrowest style is about $2. 80 of eight.
The length of the wide foot.
The shape of Abitibi ranges from $1 to $3 or so.
Eight people 50-foot length.
One of the most recent additions to the plastic molding field is the molding of styrene.
It is becoming more and more popular in many areas, although its cost is usually higher than PVC styling and is roughly the same as the top transparent pine styling.
Unlike the hollow PVC styling on the back, this type is usually solid, which makes it harder and some people think it is easier to use.
Another difference is that most polystyrene shapes only have color on the surface (
The rest is white)
, So when you cut them, the white edges are exposed.
If you are dyeing with latex, the white edges are easily dyed;
There will be no oil stains.
One of the most widely sold brands in this category is called Aztra, by Abitibi-Price.
There are a variety of styles, with a variety of wood patterns to choose from, usually for about $1. An 8-60
The narrow size of the foot length, the wide base and crown-shaped foot length is about $5.
The other is called the designer touch, by Nomaco (
Hershey Avenue, Antonia, Connecticut. 06401)
, There are also various styles to choose from, but only unfinished white, can be painted or dyed as needed.
The styling is packed in bags with five or sixand-a-half-
Foot length for $14.
$65 to $27 per bag.
Advertising, decoration design of at least one company (P. O.
Box 1692 Ind Elkhart. 46515)
, Is still another plastic styling, only two styles, two are wide crown styling designed to replicate the gorgeous plaster styling that is often seen on the ceilingto-
The wall seams of the old house.
Made of lightweight polyurethane foam material, this product is easy to install and is known as the Georgian crown and the Victoria crown.
Both are five and a half inches wide, 1 inch thick and only unfinished White.
They can be dirty or painted easily.
The recommended price is under $8. foot length.
Generally, plastic shapes can be decorated with nails, glue, or a combination of them.
The glue recommended in most cases is one of the water
Lotion \"white\" glue.
Glue containing solvents should not be used because they may attack the plastic (
Do not use one of the mold manufacturers unless they recommend the brand).
Because colored putty sticks or crayons-
The type filler does not work well on many stylings, and nails with colored heads are often recommended for installation;
They sell widely in lumberyards and hardware stores to match wood paneling in a variety of styles.
Colored head nails do not have to bury their heads to hide them.
The cutting styling is best done in a suitable box to ensure the neatness of the Mitter and the square ends. A fine-
The dental handsaw works best, but an electric saw can be used if reasonable care is taken to feed the work too quickly.
Pushing the workpiece into the blade or cutting it too fast creates heat, causing the plastic to melt or soften.
To get the best results when using plastic molds, Mitter joints and endsto-
The end joint is fixed with white glue and nails.
The joint should use the end knife-
At 45-
Degrees angle, so they overlap when connected.
A version of this article was printed on page C00004 of the National edition on January 21, 1982, with the title: Home improvement;
Plastic looks like wood but is easier to use.
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