Hilarious moment Brad Pitt\'s speech is cut off by LA county official for going over time as he and Diane Keaton plead for $117.5million in extra funding for museum redesign

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-25
Brad Pitt was too advanced to attend the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, and when he asked for funding for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, he needed to be cut off.
When Pete spoke eagerly of the need to provide LACMA with foreign funds, the female president, Janice Hahn, stepped in to let him know that he had been through a period of time.
The actor was shot by architect Peter zumto while editing. off occurred.
Hahn laughed in the room and said, \"It hurts me to wrap Mr. Pitt up.
It makes me sad to say this, but wrap it up.
\"We all have problems with the actors!
When Keaton laughed with him, the star responded.
At the end of his speech, Pitt continued to praise those involved in the museum.
But the chairman asserted: \"We only took a picture here and thank you very much for coming here. Pitt.
Pitt and Diane Keaton urged board members to come up with $117.
5 million of the money goes to the luxury redesign of LACMA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
The couple\'s request was convincing, with nine
The sum of numbers subsequently approved by the supervisor.
The extensive redesign of LACMA includes the removal of existing buildings in order to make way for the future buildings of architect Peter Zumthor.
The project is expected to cost $0. 65 billion.
Most of the money was raised through private donations, and Ryan Seacrest pledged $2.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the title of the museum cafe was exchanged for 5 million.
At Tuesday\'s hearing, Keaton and Pete were sitting together. by-
When they make a request for a LACMA overhaul, stand on the side.
The 74-year-old Keaton, wearing iconic bowler hats and sunglasses, praised zumto\'s architectural credentials.
He has won 16 awards including the Pritzker Award and the RIBA Royal Gold Medal.
Imagine if you\'re an actor that means you \'ve won 14 Oscars and that\'s never going to happen! \' she stated.
Peter, 55, is also raving about the Swiss architect.
He said loudly: \"He is an architect built from the soul, and I have not said enough to him about the soul . \".
However, Pete was later cut off by chairman Janice Hahn for exceeding his allotted time.
\"Our actors are all nervous!
When Keaton laughed with him, the star replied.
After the lawsuit, the Los Angeles County Park and entertainment page shared photos of Pitt smiling with department staff after approving the LACMA program.
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