here\'s where small companies can access robotics, 3-d printers and a sharp workforce

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A layer of metal layer, with the help of an additive manufacturing machine, a complex component begins to formknown as a 3-
Printers for most people
The latest center in the area has a group of engineering students from the University of Southern California who are committed to creating better things and jobs.
This part is made for a Southern California company that is trying to improve the design but does not produce machines with complex shapes and angles.
\"We looked at the geometry and said \'we should be able, \'and we printed it for them,\" says Satyandra K . \".
USC, professor at the University of Southern California, director of advanced manufacturing center.
The partnership with the company was one of the first in the advanced manufacturing center, which asked Gupta to keep it completely confidential in order to avoid leaking competitor information.
As part of $253, the facility opened in February
Million Defense Department-
A consortium sponsored by dozens of companies, schools, non-profit organizations and local governments across the country.
The Defense Ministry\'s initiative aims to revitalize the United States military. S.
Made by manufacturing robots, 3-
Printers and other advanced equipment
Plus the trained workforce-
Available for small and medium-sized enterprises
Large enterprises that have been slow to embrace this innovation.
The idea is to strengthen research, stimulate business investment, create jobs and increase the productivity of workers.
In turn, this initiative is part of the U. S. manufacturing industry, the U-year-
Old efforts to build a national manufacturing research infrastructure will develop new products and markets and help reduce the shortage of manufacturing workers for technical training. U. S.
Since the end of the recession in 2009, manufacturers have added 800,000 jobs to 12.
3 million jobs.
But it is still 13 behind.
With the beginning of the recession, manufacturing jobs reached 7 million in December 2007.
At the University Center of Southern California, the aerospace and biomedical industries will pay special attention to \"helping support rapid development\"
\"The technological ecosystem of Silicon Beach is evolving,\" said Yannis C.
Joel Souths, dean of the vitby Institute of Engineering, is home to the manufacturing plant.
The center has expertise in excess of advanced manufacturing technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and the continued development of the Internet --
The connected device.
Gupta talked about the golden age of data and technology.
Enhancing manufacturing, including the United StatesS.
Because labor costs are low in many foreign countries, there is no disadvantage.
\"We don\'t do something here because they are fun,\" Gupta said . \".
\"There should be practical applications.
Is this something that enterprises can use?
If the answer is yes, it\'s worth it.
\"We hope to share-
Lessons learned, best practices.
The center is funded by the Ministry of Defense, the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
The University of Southern California is contributing to colleges, equipment and space, and Jabil Circuit
Donated five robots.
The company\'s project will be charged.
The center is a busy place for most days.
Part 6,000-square-foot center, 3-
The printer makes parts with metal powder and other materials.
Students are trained in printers programming, operation and maintenance.
Another part of the lab is dominated by industrial robots.
People are learning to polish all corners and gaps of complex parts with geometric shapes.
\"We\'re basically building a smart assistant,\" said Brual Shah, 27 . \"year-
Old natural Mumbai, India, who is a postdoctoral researcher.
Northrop Grumman company
Is one of the companies involved in the MoD initiative and the University of Southern California center.
Reason: \"We hope to share-
\"Lessons learned, best practices,\" said Frank Flores, vice president of product development for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Engineering, based at reddondo beach.
\"We want to learn from each other.
\"At the other end of the size spectrum is Morf3D, a 2-year-
Old El Segundo-
Built an engine bracket for the SpaceIL project, which is Google Moon X-
The award contest will reward $20 million for a private-funded rover landing on the moon.
During her recent visit to the manufacturing center, Melissa Orme, chief technology officer at Morf3D, said she and chief executive Ivan J.
Madera hopes to develop a lighter and stronger metal alloy with the help of USC.
They are also looking for future employees.
\"We see the usefulness of students who have a workforce trained in additive manufacturing,\" Orme said . \".
\"So it will be a very good pipeline for us.
\"Among these students, there are Jordi Sim and Cady Gooding, who work at the University of Southern California center on a drone called Robo Raven that flipsand-carbon-
Fiber wings like birds.
Drones are designed to help farmers reduce crop losses.
\"Pest birds are the problem,\" said Sim, a major in aerospace and computer engineering . \".
They tried the Scarecrow.
There\'s nothing better than a falcon with his bird, but it\'s going to cost hundreds of dollars a day.
\"Gooding believes that this project with a wing span of 3 feet is not only practical, but also helps her achieve her goal of working in the commercial aerospace field.
\"I have been trying to make wings,\" she said . \". \"It\'s hands-
In the experience of actually building it, see how different factors affect its flight.
\"Peter Zierhut, vice president, Haas Technology Education Center, Haas Automation
Oxnard says the development of another university
The Led manufacturing center \"is happy to see that, especially in California, I don\'t think the manufacturing industry gets the attention it deserves.
Haas Automation, which claims to be \"the world\'s largest machine tool manufacturer in the West\", looks at its outdoor venues larger than football fields and displays products for all parts of the world.
Zierhut hopes that the University of Southern California manufacturing center will help to eliminate the old image of manufacturing as a dirty, eco-friendly enterprise and help to nurture the next generation of modern manufacturing workers.
\"I think a lot of people still have a vision for the factory, and maybe their grandparents may have worked in chimneys, dirty smoke air, dirty floors and noisy factories.
\"This is not the case now,\" Zierhut said . \".
\"We have made some progress in changing this image,\" he said . \".
\"I hope that the University of Southern California will help us continue our efforts. \"ron. white@latimes.
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The labor market rebounded as employers added 211,000 jobs;
The unemployment rate fell to 4.
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