going to burning man? get a 3d printed statue of yourself

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-15
Burning people are almost coming to us. people from all over the world are holding events in Nevada.
For those who go, you might want to look at the redistributed dome.
This is an art project that combines 3D printing with modern drone technology.
The interactive art exhibition is called Blue Sky program \".
\"Attendees will find the whole project in the dome, where they will find a station set up for a PC device with Kinect.
From there, the computer will scan the body of the attendees and propose a 3D model.
This is very basic so far, but things have become very interesting from now on.
After the scan, a GPS transponder will be provided to the attendees.
They will be asked to leave the dome to enjoy the rest of what the festival has to offer.
During this period, the 3D printer will begin to make a custom statue of one\'s body.
Upon completion, the statue will be placed in a container delivered by the drone.
The GPS transponder will start buzzing when the drone is overhead and attendees can claim their custom 3D printed statue.
What is really encouraging is that the Dome of the Burning Man will travel all over the country to the depressed cities.
Reallocate the desired employees to create sustainable businesses and get people to work.
In the next 10 weeks, each city will be added to the dome and more 3D printing projects.
The focus of the project: Blue sky is not strictly 3D printing, but it shows investment in the great potential offered by this technology.
Some believe that 3D printing will help bring in new business models that can survive any recession.
It may be too early for 3D printing to play a role in these statements, but it is good to see people working hard.
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