fur real: kiwi juliet johnston taking her costumes to the world

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-21
Cartwon\'s Juliet Johnston has 62,000 fans on YouTube, and customers around the world are fighting for her customization.
Furry animal clothing.
Alyssa Vost went to find out what made her business so successful.
Last month, I first heard of Juliet Johnston, who was nominated as the finalist for the Charles Rokin Carter promotion business award.
I was told 27-year-
The old clothes she sells to customers around the world are amazing, but I don\'t know what kind of clothes they are.
The business grew almost by chance because she had an idea when she was a teenager --size soft toy.
\"I think \'I can wear it,\' and the idea has proved to be a catalyst for her to enter an international niche,\" she said.
Her business \"sparky Can do\" is specially customized
\"It may be understatement to say that I am very interested.
Drive to her rural property in Catton and I was wondering how many others as I know nothing about the magic that happened in her house and it looks like any other rural Wairarapa property
Johnston welcomed me into her studio and I was blown away at once.
A wide variety of sewing machines, her own 3D printer and high quality fur fabric rolls are all in impressive pieces of clothing.
She told me how she gradually built her own machine after the initial idea, as the business progressed, and when she worked at the Vineyard, she finally followed up on the idea.
\"At the end of the season, my fiancé [now husband]
When I made three pieces of clothing, I was financially supportive.
\"I posted an auction online and they were all bought for $500 in a month or two.
\"Then I thought, \'Hey, I can make some money here \'.
\"She has now sold a full set of outfits for about seven years, doing one per month to meet her needs, but giving her enough time to do it to a high standard.
She avoids long waiting lists by publishing an online auction once a month.
\"People bid to make clothes,\" she said . \".
\"That way, there will never be a waiting list and people will pay the maximum amount for my costume.
\"Her Latest auction hit $9500, with eight hours to go.
The one dress she sold most was $11,500-quite impressive for someone who feels good about herself
Teach via Internet video.
Johnston asked the winner of each auction to send her an artist\'s description of the design they wanted, showing the species of creatures they wanted and the fur colors and patterns they wanted.
Some customers have designed their own hybrid creatures, such as dragons that mate with foxes.
\"They all have their own blessings. I brought them alive.
\"She also asked her clients to provide tape dummies or dolls by wrapping their entire body with tape to make sure they get the perfect accessories.
Her outfits are sought after by clients from the US, Australia, Germany, Belgium and Japan.
A lot of her followers on YouTube pushed some of the demand, and they watched her video tutorial on fursuit --
Make, and record her own fursuit adventure in her \"fursona\" called Sparky.
\"I went skydiving in this,\" she said with a smile . \" She showed me her dress. Johnston hand-
Hand carved clay teeth
Stitch the head and 3D print it yourself to create the internal elements of the head.
She has a staff member who is learning the craft and assisting in the production of a body suit, and when Johnston focuses on the complex head sections some of them open and close as the wearer speaks.
We all laughed when I asked what kind of people were wearing clothes and if it was a fetish.
Johnston explained that there are fur communities all over the world, made up of ordinary people who fantasize about themselves as an animal from an early age and join in a \"big party\" together \".
\"They are people who want to have fun-they play everywhere and pretend to be animals.
\"It\'s back to the fun kid.
\"They have games and games-they even have eggs and spoons to play.
She said that only about the \"fur\" has clothing, and there are non-
The person to dress up.
\"You can be a furry animal without clothing-the rest is for people, atmosphere and art.
\"Her plans for the future mean she may have to cut back on her business a little as she and her husband want to travel the country by family bus by the end of this year.
However, she will continue to work on her furry followers and plan to make parts of the clothing on the road.
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