From self-spreading vaccines to 3D drugs: the tech that will stop a pandemic

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-12
Vaccines spread through viruses, 3D-printed drugs, and more people using drones and robots are the latest weapons against emerging infectious disease outbreaks.
Researchers at the John Hopkins Center for Global Security have confirmed this.
They believe that, on the scale of 1918 flu outbreaks, small technological inventions can be used to stop a global epidemic that is believed to have killed between 50 and 100 million people.
A new report looks at technologies that are already available but have not yet been applied to emergencies that have been or are still being developed.
The researchers identified 15 promising technologies in five broad categories: the report\'s lead author, Dr. Crystal Watson, an assistant professor at Bloomberg\'s Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, said: \"There has been a lot of discussion and thinking about the risks of such emergencies, but we want to look at the positive side --
What can be done to deal with these risks.
She said the researchers considered technologies that can be used at every step of the pandemic: From the earliest discovery of a new infectious disease, to the prevention of its transmission, to the care of patients.
Dr. Watson says some of the most exciting technologies have studied new ways of vaccinating, such as self-
Spread or spread vaccines.
She described these as potential \"changing the rules of the game \". Self-
Spread the vaccine to several key individuals in the population and carry out genetic engineering to make the active vaccine strain pass through a group of people like a pathogenic disease.
The report acknowledges that there are \"significant technical challenges\" with respect to genetic engineering vaccines, but technologies like the Crispr gene editing tool should make the work easier.
So far, the vaccine has only been used in animals.
It is worth noting that the prevention of wild rabbit mucus tumor
However, since most of the emerging diseases are derived from animals, researchers are currently working on a technology to prevent Ebola in bats.
However, the report says that this technology will not disrupt transmission once human disease occurs, so it is also important to develop technologies that are also effective for human beings.
Another new method of vaccination is a patch similar to insulin or birth control pills.
S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working on patches used in a global health environment, but they can also be modified for emergency use.
The epidemic prevention innovation alliance is an organization that develops vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, and it is also working on new ways to manage vaccines.
People can manage these patches themselves without the need for health professionals.
The response to the current Congo (Kim) Ebola epidemic has been hampered by the inability of vaccination personnel to reach all those at risk because of the poor security situation around Beni, the epicenter of the epidemic.
The report calls for the use of drones in this case to ship clinical materials to difficult-to-reach areas.
Other developments include the use of 3D printing-
This printer can already synthesize chemicals and medicines, and the advantage of this technology is that it can be used anywhere the printer can go, avoiding the need for large printers
The report said the scale of manufacturing facilities.
Instructions or algorithms for a drug or vaccine can be sent to printers around the world for rapid manufacturing.
Dr Watson says researchers look for innovations that can be used in developing countries
The first is the outbreak of infectious diseases, the most serious.
\"We are also trying to focus on things that, at least in the future, have a low-cost commitment so they can be rolled out in developing countries at any time,\" she said . \".
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