former symantec ceo takes over pentagon’s silicon valley outpost

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-19
In an effort to highlight the central role of cyber warfare in the defense ministry\'s national security mission, the Pentagon\'s Defense Innovation division appointed former Symantec chief executive Michael.
Managing director Brown
\"Mike\'s significant academic contribution in assessing China\'s technological progress and [
US Committee on Foreign Investment
The reform ended his unique background and I am pleased that he chose to serve our country as defense minister for defense research and engineering minister Michael D.
Griffin said at a news conference.
The defense innovation department, founded in 2015, is tasked with building closer ties between Silicon Valley and the United States. S. military.
It is authorized by the \"rapid prototype\" to enable it to award contracts faster than normal.
It uses such arrangements to attract commercial technology companies that are not used to doing business with the military, to fund drones, artificial intelligence for car maintenance, and so on.
Its use of these authorities has also sparked criticism that it is just a loophole for defense contractors to evade regulation.
In February, Amazon suddenly cut an important cloud migration contract from $0. 95 billion to $65 million.
The Government Accountability Office later ruled that the Pentagon \"did not exercise the power it was given. ” (Amazon.
Jeffrey P, founder and CEO of the company
The Washington Post is owned by Bezos. )
Mr Brown\'s appointment ended speculation that the emerging agency could survive the first presidential transition.
Defense Secretary Ashton B of the Obama administration supports the agency.
Carter is part of a broader range of technical initiatives known as the \"Third Offset.
After Raj Shah left on February, there was no managing director.
Originally named as Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, referred to as DIUx, the agency removed \"Experimental\" from its name to symbolize that it will remain here.
\"Organization is no longer the beginning --
\"We have accelerated the adoption of leading commercial technologies throughout the Army,\" Brown said in a press release . \".
\"Given that the country is in a technology competition, it is more important than ever to develop a national security innovation base.
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