Fascinating world of glass and ceramics

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Glass is a multi-functional material used in our daily life.
From drinking water containers to glasses, from bottles and mirrors to window glass, the dining table is usually made of ubiquitous glass.
It is widely used in science and technology.
There are many kinds of glass and various properties.
New types often appear due to targetsDriving research.
Optical glass is a strategic material used as a lens and prism for the manufacture of Periscope, telescope and telescopefinders, gun-
Science, photography, and instruments like microscope, telescope, camera, projector and optical power station.
Ceramics may refer to clay products in the ordinary sense.
But they made up a big family, from ordinary pottery to advanced pottery.
Technology Semiconductor.
Ceramics are sometimes combined with other materials to form ceramic composites.
Glass products
Ceramic composite, capacitor, ceramic fiber, cement, refractory, abrasive, catalytic converter, fiber, optical switch, space shuttle tile, fuel cell, microwave sensor, thermal resistor, dental repair bone some of these applications are implants, missiles, iron-and-electricity assemblies, micro-electronics packages, transistors, and laser amplifiers.
Ceramic is hard.
They are usually resistant to deformation, temperature and corrosion.
The forms of ceramics are alumina, nitrogen Silicon, carbide, zirconium and Sapphire.
Even on a global scale, facilities for Glass and Ceramic Research are limited.
Our country has a rare research center in this field.
Central Institute of glass and ceramics (CGCRI)
Raja S. C. Mullick Road, Kolkata, 196-700032; Phone: 033-24733476; Web site: www. cgcri. res. in.
CGCRIIt has two promotion centersNaroda (Gujarat)and Khurja (UP).
Since 1950, the institute has experienced a tortuous history, interspersed with several milestones.
In addition to regular studies, CGCRI focuses on import substitution.
Optical glass was developed in the early 60 th century.
People in their 70 s have witnessed the development of laser glass and infrared technology.
Red transparent filter, synthetic quartz single crystal, high temperature protective porcelain glaze, aluminum oxide ceramic seal, gasket.
Optical Fiber Communication after 80 s, sol-
Gel Processing of glass and ceramic materials, production of glass fiber-based composites and application of ceramic materials in the field of electronics.
In their 90 s, the focus was on three major areas.
National security, industrial development and social activities.
The institute is now engaged in six sectors: Materials, Minerals and manufacturing, communications and instruments, health care, energy and environment, water technology and rural development.
The Institute\'s clients include several well-known organizations such as the Baba atomic research center, the Mumbai/India Space Research Organization, Bangalore/MoD/steel, and the United Nations Organization for industrial development.
Take a quick look at some of CGCRI\'s special products to get an idea of its scope and diversity. Ceramic bio-
Medical injection nitrogen Silicon ball for mixed ceramic metal bearings bait-mixed fiber amplifier hard wear-resistant coating low-
Cost of glass ceramic tileLPG and CNG sensor eye implant
Gel-based products for plasma display panel solid oxide fuel cell special glass and glass coating synthetic refractory aggregatesR & D Division different departments and research areas are as follows: bio-ceramic materials and coatings are the main professional areas of bio-ceramic materials and coatings;
Ceramic and glass coatings for biomedical and engineering applications;
Selected medical implants based on ceramics and their clinical trials
Electronic Tube Assembly;
Microwave Processing of ceramic materials
Patient-specific implants through rapid prototyping of ceramic membrane biomass and BioRepairFuel generation;
Catalytic film and reactor;
Ceramic capillary and hollow fiber film;
Process based on ceramic film
Separate storage of hydrogen;
Membrane reactor/contactor;
Metal and zeolite based thin film clay and traditional ceramics this sector meets the needs of local potters and small and medium industries engaged in ceramic products;
The development of appropriate technologies for diversified rural pottery products and traditional ceramics is the mission of society;
Suitable Technology for special performance; use of non-
Traditional and industrial solids
Waste in the production of traditional ceramic products.
The optical fiber and photon Research Institute started the research and development of optical fiber in the early 80 s, focusing on the application-
Focus on the directional research of optical communication and photon devices.
Special Fiber: Rare Earth-doped fiber for optical amplifier
Photosensitive fiber written into Prague gratinghighly non-
Super of nonlinear photon crystal fiber
Continuous light source;
Radiation soft fibers for agent applications;
Radiation-resistant fibers for nuclear environment.
Optical fiber for sensor applications: Fiber-based devices and components (
Fiber Laser/fiber amplifier/sensor)
The alarming consumption rate of fuel cells and battery fossil fuels has intensified the exploration of clean and efficient power generation systems based on renewable energy.
The division was established in 2004 with the aim
The conventional energy sector.
Solid oxide fuel cell technology
Ion battery technology for hydrogen separation mixed ion and electron conductor based dense ceramic membrane.
Glass scrumi provides services to the Glass industry in laboratory-scale Glass melting, testing and product quality assurance.
This department has developed various glasses and glass.
Ceramics such as radio-
Glow/filter/color signal/new generation of rare earth with acid
Light emission/refractive index of rare earth doping
Transparent nano crystal glass-doped/tellur salt/Fluorine Phosphate glass
Machined glass ceramicsHoney ceramic
Glass-ceramic comb-
Glass fertilizer for ceramics and trace elements.
Professional glasses and glass
Ceramics for advanced technology applications; lead-
Free Environment
Friendly glass powder and paste for plasma display panel; nano-
Nano-composite of metal glass
Low-melting transparent sealing glass; rare-
Earth-related nano-crystals in glass used for solar concentrator and infrared sensor. Nano-
Organic structural materials
Organic mixed nano-composite coating on glass and plasticanti-
Reflective coating on plastic;
Nanoparticles of metals, semiconductors, oxides and mixed conductive oxides;
Carbon nanotubes/Composites
Multi-iron at nano scale;
Orbital physics, orbital electronics;
Superconductive non
Nitrogen and silicon connected by oxide ceramics and composite reactions;
Reaction sintering sic;
Dense nitrogen Silicon;
Carbon fiber reinforced sic;
Carbon nanotubes reinforced structural ceramic composite refractory the department has developed a wide range of refractory materials for steel, cement, glass and other high temperature processing industries;
Appreciation of inferior natural raw materials (
Magnesium (aluminum);
New generation of synthetic aggregate in different processes
Advanced overall casters;
Refractory Materials for melting special glass;
Recovery of refractory materials;
Ceramic products of solid industrial waste (
Steel, mining, power plants).
Sensors and driving sensors for detection of toxic and combustible gases such as methane, carbon monoxide and liquefied petroleum gas;
Breath analyzer based on semiconductor sensor
Humidity Sensor for high temperature nuclear application;
Micro-moisture sensor;
Non-piezoelectric wafer
Destructive evaluation of structurehigh block-
Aerospace hard package multi-layer piezoelectric driver
Energy collection devices using piezoelectric materials. Sol gelSol-
Gel refers to the low temperature process of chemical solution deposition for the preparation of various forms of glass and ceramic materials.
The department\'s research includes sol-
Gel Processing of ceramic and optical materials for various applications, such as ceramic oxide powder (
Size (Micron and Nano)
Ceramic oxide fiber, film, quartz glass, and zeolite film.
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