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Washington, D. C. Securities and Exchange CommissionC. 20549 FORM 8-
K current report submitted under Section 13 or 15 (d)
Date of report of the Securities Trading Act of 1934 (
Date of reporting the earliest event)
: FARO Technology, January 16, 2017(
The exact name of the registrant specified in the articles of association)
Florida 0-23081 59-3157093 (
Registered State or other jurisdiction)(
Commission file number)(
IRS employer identification number)
250 Lake Mary Park, Florida 32746 (
Main executive office address)(Zip Code)
The registrant\'s telephone number, including the area code :(407)333-9911 N/A (
If there has been a change since the last report, previous name or previous address)
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K. filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the registrant\'s filing obligations under any of the following terms (
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: Written communication under Rule 25 of the Securities Act (17 CFR 230. 425)
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12 according to the Transaction Act (17 CFR 240. 14a-12)¨ Pre-
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Under the transaction act (17 CFR 240. 14d-2(b))¨ Pre-
According to Rule 13 e-4(c)
Under the transaction act (17 CFR 240. 13e-4(c))Item8. 01. Other Events.
FARO Technologies, Inc. , January 16, 2017. (the “Company”)
A press release was issued announcing the appointment of Katrona Tyrrell as chief personnel officer of the company.
A copy of the press release announcing the appointment was filed as Annex 99.
1 This Agreement is incorporated into this agreement by reference.
The company does not include information contained on the website referenced in the press release or provided through its website, as part of the Current Report of Form 8, or incorporating this information into itK. Item9. 01.
Financial statements and attachments. (d)
Exhibit Number Description 99.
1 According to the requirements of the revised Securities Trading Act of January 16, 2017, the press release signed on 1934, the registrant has officially authorized the signatory to sign the report on its behalf.
FARO Technology Limited
January 18, 2017/s/Jody
Jody S.
Gale Its: senior vice president, general counsel and secretary exhibition index exhibition number description 99.
Annex 99 of the press release dated January 16, 2017.
1 press release FARO Technologies, Inc.
250 Science Park Lake Mary, FL 32746 success criteria immediately released FARO Names Katrona Tyrrell Chief People\'s officer Lake Mary, FL, January 16, 2017-FARO®(NASDAQ: FARO)
Announced today the appointment of Katrona Tyrrell as chief personnel officer (CPO).
She will report directly to Dr. Simon Rabb. D.
President and CEO of FaruMs.
Tyrrell will advise the senior leadership team while expanding the FARO vertical sales organization while maintaining and strengthening FARO\'s startup culture, employee engagement and career development.
As CPO, she will guide all aspects of the company\'s human resources, including HR business cooperation, talent management and HR information systems.
\"Our culture is the fundamental factor that makes our company different.
Dr Simon Rabb said: \"performance. D.
President and CEO of Faru
\"We created CPO roles specifically to strengthen this important Foundation.
The advantages in this area of our business enable us to succeed in everything we do and are critical to driving our growth.
Katrona\'s rich background and experience in talent and corporate culture strategy building, maintenance and leadership will complement the founder --
We went back to the company.
I am excited about her partnership, views and the contributions she will make. ” Ms.
Tyrrell joined FARO from IDT Corporation, where she served as senior vice president of global human resources, leading a team responsible for global succession planning, leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, organizational effectiveness.
Before joining IDT in 2006, Ms.
Tyrell Towergate co-operates in leadership and management positions, Ltd.
Roberts and partners manage services in the United StatesK. Ms.
Tyrrell holds a post.
Graduate Diploma in strategic management, Crawley CollegeK.
This press release contains forwarding-
View statements in the sense of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that are affected by risk and uncertainty, such as statements about FARO product needs and customer acceptance, FARO product development and product release.
Statements that are not historical facts or that describe the company\'s plans, objectives, forecasts, expectations, assumptions, strategies, or objectives are forward --
Look at the report.
In addition, words such as \"is\", \"will\" and similar expressions or discussions of FARO plans or other intentions determine the way forward
Look at the report. Forward-
The outlook statement is not a guarantee of future performance, influenced by various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may lead to significant differences in actual performance, performance or achievement from future performance, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by the striker-
Look at the report.
Therefore, these advances should not be relied too heavily on --
Look at the report.
Factors that may lead to significant differences between actual results and results expressed or predicted in such forwarding-
Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: others develop new or improved products, processes or technologies that make the company\'s products less competitive or obsolete;
The company cannot maintain its technical advantage by developing new products and upgrading existing products;
The domestic and international economy of the industry in which the company serves or the region in which the company operates in the world, as well as other general economy, decline in business or other adverse changes, or lack of improvement, financial situation;
Other risks detailed in Item 1A of Part I.
Table 10 risk factors in the company\'s annual report-
The year ending December 31, 2015. Forward-
The outlook statement in this press release represents the judgment of the company as of the date of this press release.
The company has no obligation to update any forwarding publicly-
Forward-looking statements, unless otherwise required by law, whether due to new information, future events or other reasons.
FARO is the world\'s most trusted source of 3D measurement, imaging, and implementation technology.
The company develops and sells computers
Auxiliary measuring and imaging equipment and software.
FARO technology allows high
Accurate 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and complex structures during production and quality assurance.
These devices are used to inspect components and components, to quickly prototype, to record large volumes of space or structure in 3D, measurements and buildings, and to investigate and reconstruct the scene of the accident or the crime scene.
FARO\'s global headquarters is located in Lake Mary, Florida.
The company also has a technology center and manufacturing plant, located in Exton, Pennsylvania, covering an area of approximately 90,400 square feet, including the manufacturing and service operations of the product line of R & D, FARO Laser tracker TM and FARO cobalt array imaging devices.
The company\'s European regional headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, and the Asia-Pacific region is headquartered in Singapore.
FARO in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and japan.
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