fans shocked after marie kondo reveals she has been dating untidy cupboard for past 6 months

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-07
Shocked, disappointed, even a little betrayed by the best fans of the impossible pairing
Sales author and finishing master Mary condo on Friday expressed general opposition to the news that the organization consultant has been dating an untidy kitchen cabinet since last July.
\"I can\'t believe she actually dared to enter the house, rummaging through all the personal belongings of the house and telling them that when she shared a perfect bed with a messy old cabinet outside, throw away their stuff, \"31-year-old Mary condo enthusiast Catherine Walstrom packed up who claims she lost all confidence in Kondo\'s signature KonMari approach, because it was spilled over by unused tea pots, old recipes, see Kondo participating in storage units with messy ponies as well as promotional coffee cups
\"It took me hours to learn how to fold my shirt perfectly, so it seemed hypocritical for her to walk around with the beat --
Cabinets with expired coupon flavor.
I guess I just imagined she had a clear plastic case
A handle that features a handle, everything inside is visible, and the content is arranged to stand vertically --
But it\'s so easy to see her.
The hinge disaster made me feel like the magic of finishing the room was just a huge lie.
\"The more forgiving fans think that maybe the cabinet did spark joy inside Kondo at some point, and she may not be ready to thank the service of the worn out cabinet and throw it aside.
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