Fade Lamp

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-05
This project outlines the design and construction of simple jar lights using NeoPixel and attiny85.
The purpose of this project is to show the use of a variety of rapid prototyping machines in our shop located in Rev Ithaca, including the cnc pcb Mill (
We used other tools)
And CNC laser cutting machine (
We use a Glowforge).
Material: Tools: this is a very basic circuit, but there are a few points worth explaining.
The capacitor connected from the VCC to the ground is called a bypass capacitor.
This helps reduce AC noise by adopting a DC power supply due to high
Current component.
NeoPixel specifically has a signal structure that requires high
The current is periodically pulled.
For further reasons for these design decisions, see the link below.
Bypass Capacitors: parts explain the data signal structure of Neopixel: the resistance between the ATTiny85 and DI of NeoPixel is used to buffer the signal and reduce the error caused by noise.
Make sure your board first to make sure everything is OK.
See the next step in programming attiny85.
I pieced together a few tutorials to set up ATTiny85 and NeoPixel libraries because I was not in good health
Proficient in Arduino IDE.
See the link below: this is set up and you can either write your own code or use my code!
The purple and orange tones of NeoPixel were particularly pleasant, and my show disappeared between the two.
To make the PCB, I created one using EAGLE.
The Brd file is in conjunction with the DRC provided by other plant resources.
Using a custom DRC in the EAGLE file ensures that the machine is accurately manufactured according to your design.
Check out the Bantam tool resources: I used 1/32 flat and single Millsided FR-1 copper board.
If you are unable to access the PCB factory, you can design the circuit as per step 1 on the prototype board.
Follow the next steps to implement this design.
Use: OSH Park (
This will require multi-layer specification through the gerber File
Welding according to the circuit diagram-
Globe forge for hole elements (
Or other CNC laser cutting machine):.
Additional svg, see laser settings for different stages of cutting below: Logo: 500 Speed, 30 accuracy, 0.
The focus height of 190, the speed of each inchShape 225 inch: 120, the accuracy of 45, 0.
When the wooden ring is glued together, the 190 focus will flush the switch with the profile of the lid.
Test/debug: Use the oscilloscope to diagnose any problems that may remain after welding, look for short circuit on PCBIsaac Lawson-
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