exxon and texaco join gasoline rise

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Exxon and Texaco, the two largest oil companies in the United States, yesterday raised the wholesale price of gasoline with other companies in the industry.
Since yesterday, both gasoline prices have risen by 1 cent.
The owner of an independent gas station that buys gasoline from any company must decide whether to pass on the increased costs to their customers.
Both companies raised their prices in April.
Under federal energy regulations, the price of petroleum products can be changed once a month.
At present, the national average price of a gallon of ordinary gasoline is about 59 cents.
Oil analysts attribute the rise in oil prices to higher gasoline prices as drivers drive more in warmer weather.
The rise in prices represents a \"recovery in part of the rising costs\", Texaco said \".
\"Exxon USA, a subsidiary of Exxon, the largest oil company in the United States, said it had reduced the price of jet fuel by 1.
5 cents per gallon
Yesterday, Kaiser Aluminum and chemical became the last major aluminum producer to increase production with other companies.
Its non-alloy aluminum ingot increases the price together with other aluminum ingots.
Its non-alloy aluminum ingot is 3 cents per pound, and the casting ingot is 3. 5 cents per pound
Advertising Kaiser is also raising the average price of a variety of semi-finished and finished products, about 4 cents per pound.
All these price changes began in June 1.
The company said, \"due to the increased cost pressure faced by Kaiser Aluminum, the price improvement of all these aluminum products is definitely necessary and completely reasonable.
\"Monsanto polymer and petrochemical, a subsidiary of Monsanto, followed the footsteps of other producers and said yesterday that on June 1, the price of the molding and extrusion grade of Lustran ABS plastic will be increased by 4 cents a pound, to attract buyers.
After a month, the prices of contracted customers will rise.
A version of the file was printed on page 29 of the New York edition on May 8, 1976, with the title: Exxon and Texaco joined the gas rally.
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