enough toys to go around this holiday season

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-03
New york-The day after Thanksgiving is like the start shot of letting shoppers rush to the holiday finish line.
From Souvenirs of Harry Potter to nostalgic items and video games, stores this year are packed with new gadgets, toys and games.
\"It\'s important to remember that everyone has something of their own,\" said Alan Marcus, vice president of communications at FAO Schwartz . \".
\"Thought is important.
\"For kids who love adventure, Marcus recommends a modern green machine-the screaming machine.
Remember the Green Machine, the plastic, neon green hot rod, which has an emergency brake that envies every child nearby with an ordinary big wheel of green?
Well, the screaming machine promises to keep those memories in the dust.
Retail price is $99.
99, the lightweight speed demon is expected to be at the top of many wish lists this holiday season.
But for those parents who are a little bit guilty, there are some more gentle toys for the kids.
Marcus said that the highlights of the festival include Barbie as a princess with long hair, some of which have hair as long as fairy tale characters, and Hershey\'s chocolate magic styling kit, a toy, let the children melt the chocolate chips into their own candy.
But there\'s nothing that can get off the shelf like this year\'s Harry Potter merchandise.
\"With the release of the film, Harry Potter is the hottest movie at the moment,\" Marcus said . \".
Board games like hit Willow and Harry Potter diagonal lane games should be for sure --
In addition to Professor Dumbledore\'s action figures and items such as the Potter mini Quidditch Stadium, a fire broke out, where the players played their own magical games.
According to the list of top toys in toys fight city, LeapFrog\'s quantum pads are designed to make school subjects fun and easy, and will be big among kids over 7, electronic art NBA Live 2002 for playstation 2 is a must
Children aged 11 and above.
\"LeapPad and my first LeapPad learning system have been hit a lot in the last two years,\" Jim Silver said.
The publisher of toy wish, an industry magazine dedicated to the toy industry.
\"LeapFrog has extended this success to the quantum Pad learning system.
\"For adults, gamers will be looking for The Sims Online, which has caused a lot of buzz this year. The best-
Sell the game and let the players re-
Create a normal life on their hard drive and release an online version next month.
The Electronic Arts Division Maxis expects sales to hit a record high.
\"If you look at the success of The Sims, we have 7 to 8 million people around the world who bought the Sims and another 12 million who bought the kit, so the potential market is huge,\" Julie Kanarowski, product manager\'s Sims online.
\"It\'s great to see how many fans we have,\" she said . \".
\"Our products attract (people)
\"Who wants to be social and creative and who wants to express themselves and build something,\" Kanarowski said . \".
If the computer game is not your bag, the release of the 20 th anniversary of trivial pursuit may be exactly what Santa ordered.
While most of these toys are expensive, Marcus of FAO says you can find some deals if you look close enough.
\"I think the price of toys has dropped sharply,\" he said . \"
\"There are deals for things like classic, Lego and plush toys to find.
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