Eight ways to celebrate Thanksgivukkah

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People, it\'s time to celebrate Thanksgiving. it\'s a time. in-a-
Holiday of life
This Thursday, the first day of the festival of light and Thanksgiving is the first time since 1888.
Scientists say that this integration will not happen again in the next 70,000 years, whether it is giving or giving.
Dana Gitell, 37year-
The old marketing manager of the Massachusetts Jewish nonprofit is a mix of ideas behind Thanksgiving. \"(
If it\'s hard for you, her other thoughts are \"Thanksgiving\"
\"Festival of Light\" and \"Festival of Light\", both of which resulted in splash and death of our spell checker. )
But with the right portmanteau, the idea of Thanksgiving fires faster than in deep placesfried turkey.
Gitell, who is collecting an online album for Thanksgiving celebrations, said she has received contributions from South Dakota and places like Anchorage, Alaska
Outpost known for its vibrant Jewish community.
Even Rabbi from ultra.
Orthodox churches like Chabad have joined the trend of Thanksgiving.
Gittel said: \"At first, I didn\'t know how the rabbi would respond to such disrespectful things as mashups, but they were almost unanimous.
It\'s Jewish.
\"We don\'t know if the rabbis approve of everything on our list because people are a little crazy.
It must be that time. in-an-eon thing.
However, there is no further ado (
Nod to Adam Sandler\'s \"Eight Crazy Nights)
Here are eight ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. 1.
Light a door and put it on the fourth one
Grade students who create the ultimate Thanksgiving icon.
Asher Weintraub came up with the idea last year during a family trip in Florida.
Little genius from New York City thinks it would be cool to have a 9-year-old menorah
A candelabra marked with bright knots, shaped like a turkey.
Weintraub created a Kickstarter account, raised $50,000 and made a 3-
Prototype D and hero blocked his father\'s attempt to rename the thing \"menorkey.
\"Well done, kiddo.
The father, Anthony Weintraub, said he sold menurkeys between 6,000 and 7,000, including some sold to famous financial experts and national football.
\"I started to think that my life as a menorah salesman is not over yet,\" Anthony Weintraub said . \". 2.
Let\'s face it. Thanksgiving has become great even before we see Hanukkah.
I mean, turducken?
But Thanksgiving brings the food mix to a new level.
You have Turbrisket (
Chest in Turkey), your deep-
Fried turkey, your sweet potato latte, your cranberry
Your pumpkin cake, your pecan pie
I can continue, but just type the rest of the list and I get fat.
Marlene Eldemire of Cincinnati says her family wants to release a huge remix menu from Buzzfeed earlier this month.
\"I told them they could keep working,\" said Eldemire with a smile.
\"There is no way.
\"So her family is settling down for a bright festival booth like the cow bris that will sit next to turkey and sweet potatoes on Thursday. 3.
Kali Brodsky, editor of Jeahdaythis, said this is another place where people become very creative. com.
They are making pumpkin candle holders, making colorful Thanksgiving books for children, and table settings that blend and match the bright Day and Thanksgiving theme.
Rachel Silverman, a rabbi in Boston, said she was decorating her table with the Thanksgiving symbol (
A bouquet of Cornucopia, pumpkin, Bumper Harvest)
And Hanukkah items (Golden candle holder
Color coin called \"gelt).
Brodsky said that if you feel lazy, you can print out the Thanksgiving place card created and set up for Bubbe in Jewish Boston. 4.
Macy\'s spun around the streets of New York to mark the fusion of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, creating a 25-foot-tall, 21-foot-
Extensive dreidel for its iconic parade.
\"Balloon \"(
Some balloons, some vehicles)
According to Macy\'s, will spin like a real dreidel, the first time the parade includes Jewish symbols.
\"Including the dreidel balloon marks recognition of this rare moment of Thanksgiving on the first day of the festival of light, and also marks the inherent entertainment value of dreidel, said Macy\'s department store spokesman Orlando Velas. 5.
Party like BC 165 (and 1621 CE)
Hanukkah, for those who need a refresher course, marks the miracle of the Jewish rebel army magabi\'s success in defending the Jewish Temple --like Syrian-
Greek Army in 165 BC
The day\'s oil supply somehow ignited the temple\'s Menora for eight days, and the rest was history.
Sherry Kuiper said that Jewish activities and the arrival of pilgrims in the United States are all celebrations of religious freedom.
At the Kuiper synagogue, the Temple of Israel, in Columbus, Georgia, the children presided over a ceremony dressed up as magabi and pilgrims, traveling in make-up costumes
Believe in the time machine and celebrate Thanksgiving together.
Kuiper admits that this parallel is not perfect.
After all, as the birth of religious freedom, of course, Native Americans do not celebrate Thanksgiving.
But Thanksgiving Day reminds us that the more changes, the more things there are.
Just like the human need to express gratitude
Stay the same, Kuiper said. 6.
This is not a celebration of Thanksgiving.
But it must be acknowledged that some people are not interested in the spirit of gratitude.
In a recent Slate column, Allison Benedikt believes that Thanksgiving is one of the few religious families that do not have to explain to the children \"why mom believes in this, dad believes in this.
\"I can\'t tell you how comforting it is to have a major holiday --the best one! —
It\'s not about me and my husband in a way (Jewish)
Or what he is, I am not (Christmas-celebrating)
Said Benedikt. (
As far as the record is concerned, the sour and sweet cranberry sauce braised cow bris is a disgusting thing, she said. )
Jenny riverlin Roberts says she understands some of the kvetching, and his Jewish store, \"modern tribe,\" is selling Thanksgiving gear like hot cakes.
But the mix of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah is much better than the usual \"December dilemma\", where the eight festivals overlap
Jewish festivals and cultural beasts are known as Christmas, Roberts said.
\"With Thanksgiving, you don\'t really blend the two religions together, so you can really go.
People may say it\'s stupid, yes, some are stupid, but it\'s also full of fun and joy. \"7.
Watching a rap match between Turkey and dreidel Jolie, an undergraduate, she was stuck on a subway in New York City for two hours and she was bored.
So, she did what anyone rational would do.
She wrote a song about Thanksgiving.
Okay, Benko is not your strength.
She is a Broadway beauty and has just returned as Cosette on a national tour of Les Miserables.
\"But that doesn\'t mean it would be easier to find a rhyme for\" Thanksgiving.
\"But klezmer of Benko
There is a lot of competition on inspiration YouTube.
There is a rap battle between Turkey and dreidel, sponsored by Manischewitz. (
Yes, they shook it old. )
Here is the beautifully crafted \"oil: the miracle of Thanksgiving \".
\"At Kehillah Schechter College in Norwood, Massachusetts, there is a cute little number called\" song of gratitude \". \"8.
After watching a horror movie about the stereo layout after the candle
Lighting, decoration, eating, singing, let\'s face the reality, you may be very tired.
So why not plop on the couch and watch the Thanksgiving trailer?
Horror movie theme?
Thanksgiving Day: movie about a kind Gentile family who found their Thanksgiving celebration invaded by a super familyOrthodox Jews.
Jokes about religious stereotypes follow.
We don\'t know if this trailer, made by Jewish filmmakers, is fully kosher, but we think the rabbis have enough time to address this in time before the next Thanksgiving. So, that\'s it.
In about 70,000 years, we will see you next Thanksgiving.
Meanwhile, Gobble tov, my friends.
How many Jews were there on the first Thanksgiving Day?
How many Indians celebrate Hanukkah?
Native Americans are actually a lost tribe in Israel.
Well, it\'s actually Obijwe.
So they celebrate the festival of light?
Yes, observe, not celebrate.
So no one celebrates the festival of light?
A sly little thing in a bar in Wisconsin tells me ,\". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
At the turn of 1st century, \"Great Drought\" occurred \".
The land inhabited by the ancestors of Meskwaki did not get enough rain to sustain their population, and the group lost about 98% of its members. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
\"You can also find it in foxypedia.
God can track all the stars, but not a tribe? ?
Indian tribes are better stalkers than this. Bob?
Are you still there?
Do you often read Mormon books?
Let\'s take a look at the Book of Mormon, shall we?
Mormons are not real Scots.
Beer with prez? ?
No, Scotch, 75.
I don\'t know if he was elected. are you so stupid?
I have a theory that China makes big bang because they are always playing with things like fireworks.
Angela Fox\'s amateur comedian blog is over. com.
ABI has read some of your \"blogs \".
Let her rest. Yes and yes.
I\'m like that! No, no!
After destroying their own universe, the magical four found galerdo making the big bang.
It is printed so it must be real. ?
I \'ve just watched the movie Thor and The Big Bang is a mistake that shouldn\'t have happened according to the ether.
Are you saying that the Marvel Universe is inconsistent?
I just lost faith in Stan Lee!
The heat left by the Big Bang is like the heat left by the chemical explosion.
Who put the explosives?
This is a common misconception, Angela.
The Big Bang is not an explosion. it must have room for an explosion.
The big band is created in space and time and then expanded.
Is this your own idea or can you find a source?
If it were my idea, I would be a Nobel Prize winner.
From the Wikipedia page of The Big Bang (
But it\'s the same in any of hundreds of textbooks)
: According to the Big Bang model, the universe has expanded from an extremely dense and hot state to continuing to expand today.
A common analogy explains that space itself is expanding, carrying galaxies, like spots on balloons.
The graphic scheme above is an artist\'s concept that illustrates the expansion of a part of the plane universe.
Didn\'t you say the Chinese did it? Yes!
This is my point!
Now you understand!
Sometimes things break out, Angela.
For example, volcanoes and granaries.
The laws of nature of the universe provide everything necessary for the expansion of the universe.
Only one thing is good for Thanksgiving. Leftovers.
Specifically, French roll with mayonnaise and white turkey (
Season with salt and pepper)
Lettuce and cranberry sauce
These are the things.
As someone on this blog who claims to represent the Fat Man, I have to protest your disrespect for the remaining desserts.
Of course I can go wash my sammich with pumpkin pie!
You can also make two if you want to make a Carmel white chocolate cheesecake.
Please forgive me if I am a little drooling.
Remember to be grateful. and share.
I will share our pumpkin pie cake with you if I can!
AB, I think Thanksgiving is much better than leftovers (
This is my most Day).
Taking a day to appreciate our time with family and friends has helped me a lot. I disagree.
I thank my family and friends every day.
It\'s bad that we shouldn\'t keep a day for it.
Plus it\'s a revisionist, it\'s not the real meaning of Thanksgiving.
I can think of a lot of people who live in dirty reserved areas not celebrating.
No, it\'s all my leftovers.
No, I never said you only set aside one day and I said it was good to take a day to appreciate it.
I like a lot of people, distracted by the daily chores of life, and there are days where I can spend some time, but not like Thanksgiving.
What\'s wrong with the \"revision\", are you Orthodox?
No, I\'m not Orthodox at all. that\'s my point.
The orthodox view is revisionist.
Then we have to agree.
The Orthodox Church does not change. they know the truth and will not change it.
The revisionists changed their meaning in order to adapt to the understanding of the day (Sometimes wrong).
Well, maybe I don\'t know.
My post on the next page is where I come from.
Initially, he and Mitra celebrated Thanksgiving with Turkey and even top stuffing instead of potatoes.
Christians have stolen it and have been using it to make all the wars and slavery of today.
Just because something does not exist does not mean that it does not exist.
Can there be no tangible thing? Certainly.
There are many abstract nouns.
Abstract nouns are things that exist without any physical evidence.
Brave, love and anything like any number of wordsness or -
They\'re over.
If these things do not require physical evidence of existence, then why must God exist?
The first sentence is meaningless.
Then I won\'t study.
That makes sense. Open your mind.
Just because something does not exist does not mean that it does not exist.
It does not exist if it does not exist.
My mind is open. No.
Your start is a contradiction, which can only prove that you don\'t know how shrinkage is produced/used.
The rest of your post is a bad argument that distorts the context and logically fails.
Jack, you don\'t know-you should open your mind and pour your brain out before it makes sense.
Brave, love and anything like any number of wordsness or -
Because we created/defined them, we ended up on them.
Long before Abraham appeared, we created the concept of God.
There is no doubt that this concept exists.
This is different from saying that God exists outside of the human mind.
No one can prove it in the most abstract sense, but there is a lot of evidence that the God of Abraham does not exist unless you make the most lenient definition of the reality of the Bible.
It\'s wrong unless you think of the Bible as a story.
But in this case, all religions from it are unfounded.
Not the God of Abraham, but the God of God? Also true.
While it is impossible to prove that something does not exist, it is possible to indicate that many things in the Bible have not happened.
Once you realize that some parts of the Bible are untrue, you will want to know how many of them are wrong. Can a four-
Edge triangles exist?
Is there a place north of the Arctic?
There are things that are simply impossible because of how they are defined, and the question of evil makes the standard definition of God in the Bible impossible.
Dear Angela, you don\'t feel at all.
I guess you heard this crap somewhere and you just repeat it here.
I made a lot of sense.
You just don\'t understand.
I don\'t understand. LOL.
Angela, do you understand my answer?
I wonder if this will satisfy your question.
What does Apple Bush mean for me about Thanksgiving: in rewriting his history of Thanksgiving, white Americans told Disney --
Like fairy tales about British pilgrims and their struggle to survive in the new harsh environment.
Pilgrims got help from friendly locals
The American tribe, the Wampanoag Indian, is in 1621.
Unfortunately, for Native Americans, the gratitude of European settlers is short-lived --lived.
By 1637, Governor John Winthrop ordered the slaughter of thousands of Indian men, women and children.
This event marks the beginning of this machine-
The genocide in the United States takes more than 200 years to complete, and of course its ultimate goal is to take the land from Native Americans and systematically plunder their resources.
The genocide that began in 1637 marked the beginning of the conquest of the entire continent until the majority of the Indians were extinct, some were assimilated into white society, and the rest were preserved to reduce death.
I agree that we should teach the truth of history to the best of our knowledge.
I also don\'t like to judge historical figures and events by today\'s standards. Wow.
Among all the jokes about Black Friday sales, the official mix Jewish festivals with Thanksgiving. . . . . . . . .
I won\'t talk about it because it\'s a public forum.
However, it is still a holiday and on this day we all want to thank each other for trampling on what we want to sell.
Since most of the big box stores are open on TG right now, you can stomp people earlier! Yay! I agree.
It seems unfair that this article can use stereotypes, but we will be deleted or banned for joking.
As a test, you go first.
I am grateful to be alive, which is more than many homeless, poor and hungry people who have turned a blind eye to society and government say. . .
Seasonal compliments and the annual Thanksgiving Day have little to do to contain the disease of society and nationalisation. . .
Legalization of cannabis cultivation, taxation, regulation of recreational cannabis use, and provision of medicinal cannabis to those most in need . . . . . . Why do you think this is the biggest!
Are Tute and homeless people not grateful for being alive?
Read my point in full and then try to summarize its overall point of view instead of narrowing down one\'s mental perception. . .
This is probably the most hypocritical thing I have ever read.
Thank you for your laughter. Sired igaftr. . .
I say \"gratitude\" is not gratitude. . .
Why do you think marijuana can cure poverty? +1Sired Maddy. . .
Where did I write that pot can solve poverty. . ?
You implied it with all your hippies.
The declaration of love and nonsense, how the government opposes the legitimacy of plants, has to do with the need for medical supplies for the poorest, just as the drug does not use pots to increase prices and availability.
Try to live in the real world. Your use of [. . . ]
Connect these two sentences.
Don\'t pawn something on me that you didn\'t write clearly.
That paragraph was written by you, not by me. Sire Lee. . .
I read it again, but I was still left with amazing stupidity. . . Bravo. . . *ON me.
Reduce the use of your pit, maybe you will not be so stupid. Master Maddy. . .
It shouldn\'t matter how I write. . .
More importantly, how others view my work through their sometimes rant and self-indulgence rituals. . .
\"Pit\" Pat pot Jackalope. . .
Dummies these days. .
The \"reason\" that helped me see \". . ? Here\'s my 2-
Cents, not a quarterly ounce. . .
I appreciate that I am still alive, more than many homeless, poor and hungry people who have turned a blind eye to society and government say. . .
Seasonal compliments and the annual Thanksgiving Day have little to do to contain the disease of society and nationalisation. . .
Cannabis cultivation and legalization of taxes and regulation of the use of recreational cannabis and the provision of free medicinal cannabis to those who need it most . . . . . . Practice is the most basic science. . .
If at the beginning, some people will never remember to avoid forgetting. . .
Marijuana can\'t cure poverty, but it will make you care a lot less.
My God, the pun here!
I got this idea from Article 8.
Watch a horror movie about stereotypes.
\"Well, my bad joke, leave the pumpkin to the pie. Oops. .
Wrong place. sorry.
I\'m everywhere today.
Two popular theories of human evolution
A single recent appearance of modern humans and 2)
This multi-regional model points out that modern humans evolved simultaneously on different continents.
Multi-region model of molecular biology destruction (12-22, 29-37).
In addition, multi-region models are not supported even with fossil evidence (38).
Instead, all the data support the biblical view that humans are present in a geographical region.
Modern molecular biology tells us that modern humans were born less than 100,000 years ago.
Three independent technical confirmations)
Most likely, less than 50,000 years ago (12-22).
These data are very consistent with fossil records.
Complex works of art first appeared in the fossil record about 40,000-
50,000 years ago (39)
Evidence of religious expression is only 25,000-
50,000 years ago (40, 41).
Other signs of rapid change in the middle
Late Neolithic Age (
35,000 to 45,000 years ago)
Including in Europe (42)
: Through more economical core preparation technology, stone tool technology has changed from the main \"rake\" technology to the \"blade\" technology.
The variety and complexity of stone tools increase at the same time, involving more standardized shapes, and have a higher degree of \"imposed form\" at all stages of production \".
The appearance of bones, antlers and ivory products is relatively complex and wide in shape.
The increase in the rate of change of technology is accompanied by the increase in regional diversity of tools and forms.
The appearance of beads, pendants and other personal decorations made of teeth, shells, bones, stones and ivory blanks.
The emergence of complex and highly complex forms of formalism or \"naturalism\" art.
The related changes of social and economic organizations of human groups mark a more specialized animal development model. based on systematic hunting, the overall density of human population has increased sharply, and the largest scale of local residential areas has increased, the emergence of more highly \"structured\" sites, including more voices, evidence cabins for pits, tents and other residences.
At the same time, the rapid change of human ability means replacing the former human beings with modern humans.
All of these events took place about 50,000 years ago, a fact that ruled out the possibility that the humans that existed before might be our ancestors since Hom.
Both upright and Hom died 300,000 years ago.
The Neanderthals have been shown to be so genetically different from us that they are not our ancestors. 29, 30).
Where does this make the evolutionary theory and their human theory come from?
Well, they can always go back to their favorite route-\"The fossil record is just incomplete.
\"Or, view Genesis at 1: 26 (43).
No, thank you, Robert. The last one who advocated creation was Texas.
The debate focuses on when the Earth cools Robert.
Nothing you post will make the Bible more or less true, and what you say will not show that there is any problem with evolution.
The Bible does not provide any information leading to further or more accurate scientific discoveries.
Robert, you believe that such a post is of any benefit to your career, and that\'s a big surprise to me.
I thought you were more knowledgeable than that.
I think the author has done a good job in defending a recent appearance of modern humanity. Yes.
I respond to your post again.
Yes, God is doing a more rational explanation than \"we are still learning.
\"At least you seem willing to believe that the Earth has a history of 6000.
There seems to be considerable evidence that the Earth is a little bigger than 6 k.
@ Robert Brown, what you might be missing is that mutation regions and replacement models are still dependent on evolution.
The only difference is where evolution happens. e.
First in all parts of the world or Africa.
I understand the part of where, but do you know the time as well?
50 k is much less than 400 k.
Science may go to the Bible in time. \"?
\"Thousands of people on this issue?
Robert, you seem to be confused about how far the Bible is from the scientific facts.
\"Robert Brown,\" I understand the part of where, but do you also know the timing?
50 k is much less than 400 k.
Science may go to the Bible in time.
Human ancestors can be traced back millions of years.
At least in the current discussion, whether it is happening in Africa or elsewhere, it seems to be secondary.
MEII, do you know highly evolved animals from other religions?
Capt step at a time.
@ Robert Brown: \"Do you know any other highly evolved animals with religious beliefs?
\"All animals are the same\" evolution \", however, I do not know of any other animals with religious beliefs (s). Why do you ask?
Robert, scientific evidence suggests that human life cycle assessment is much older than it was 50,000 years ago.
Why did you accept what this person said without independent verification?
If the man is wrong, the whole argument will break.
Even 50,000 years (
What evidence is there that is not)
This will not be the flashing evidence of Genesis, nor will it be the evidence of the holpi creation myth.
I have read before many of Rich Deem\'s impressive scientific discussions on that site;
However, I do not agree with him on the day of creation.
\"People and organizations like the International Trade Bureau, Discovery Inst
Our future is determined by itute and RCC. . .
Evolution should not cause debate! !
Bill: The Evolution of the debate in the Texas School is endangering our future: 11/23/2013 US eastern time 5: 01 p. m. | update: 11/23/2013 what is before 7: 28 p. m. eastern time, but this article is the first one in a long time.
Not sure what they said about the days of creation, there are a lot of ideas on the subject, but I will stick to it for six days.
I believe they also work 24 hours a day.
Rich Deem believes that the length of each day created in the Bible can be explained and, unlike others, can be extended for a long time.
YEC helps wow.
Robert, the fallacy of presenting this case is simple.
There is plenty of evidence for evolution.
The man picked some elements to \"prove\" that evolution must be wrong.
So the creation of the century is credible.
The problem is that there is more evidence that the LCA is much older than it was 50,000 years ago.
The man used an extremely weak \"proof\" criterion in his argument that evolution was wrong, although there was no evidence (
Even evidence)
He asserted that Genesis was true.
His argument is also influenced by the classic, the argument, and the classic false dichotomy, and if your idea is wrong, my opinion must be correct when other options are almost infinite
I can continue, but I should.
I don\'t think he wants to prove that all evolution is wrong.
I think he recently poked a hole in the current thinking about human ancestry by showing that humans are from a region.
\"The fact that all of these events happened about 50,000 years ago ruled out the possibility that humans that existed before might be our ancestors,\" it sounds very clear to me.
The 50,000 year is certainly not true.
It should be a dangerous signal for you.
The revelation of the conscience predicted by the Virgin Mary in gababand Dahl in 1961 will soon take place to save the world.
Why is there a warning?
Prove the existence of God to all
Let everyone return to the path of Jesus and truth.
Dilute the influence of sin and sin in the world by conversion.
Help save us before the last day of trial and give us a chance to ask forgiveness for the crimes we have committed.
To convert non-
Without this great act of mercy, there is no believer in the opportunity of redemption.
Strengthen the faith of believers.
What happens during the warning, every person over the age of 7 experiences a private mystery encounter with Jesus Christ, which will last 15 minutes for people to return to the truth.
Only this time will you not be condemned, and that is how the last day of the trial will unfold.
Instead, you will have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness.
Two comets will collide in the sky.
People will think it\'s more terrible than an earthquake, but that\'s not the case-it shows that Jesus has arrived.
The sky will turn red and look like fire & then you will see a big cross in the sky to get you ready first.
Atheists would say this is a global illusion.
Scientists will look for a logical explanation, but there will be no.
It will be spectacular and will not hurt us because it comes from the love and kindness of Jesus.
Our sins will appear to us, and when they appear to us, it will make us feel great sorrow and shame.
Others will be disgusted and shocked by the way their sins are revealed, so that they will die before they have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness.
Everyone will see their state of soul before God-the good things they do in life, the sadness they cause to others, and everything they fail to do.
Many people will shed tears of disappointment.
Tears of happiness and happiness.
Tears of curiosity and love.
Because, in the end, when we know all the truth, it is possible to live a new life.
Jesus now asks everyone to pray for the shocked souls who may die of deadly sin.
Everyone needs to be prepared now.
Jesus asked all to ask for forgiveness of their sins before warning.
More information and predictions for all of usawaited proof.
It\'s time.
When and where will these signs and miracles happen? Everywhere?
At the same time?
When it\'s all over, I\'ll leave you a seat at the church.
If we only know which one. . . . . . .
If something like this happens-atheists won\'t be atheists-it\'s simple-there\'s no evidence and there\'s no reason to believe it.
A strong person who wants you to believe can easily prove it.
So, when did this happen?
When your appointment is over and nothing happens, will you consider the possibility that you are wrong?
Or will you buy the next date, the next and next date they give you?
I can change my faith with facts, can I?
I don\'t want to see that day. . .
O Allah, our Lord, Amin, have mercy on us. . .
I know this is a lighthearted article, but it does illuminate an interesting fact of many religions that refuse to change even with new information.
Jewish festivals have a big float over our calendar (Gregorian).
The Jewish calendar is a solar calendar/lunar calendar, the month determined by the moon, the year determined by the sun.
In order to keep the Jewish calendar in sync with reality, many corrections have to be made to it.
It is quaint, but it also reflects the stubbornness of dogma.
Some people may disagree with my use of the above term \"correction\" as if both calendar methods were as good.
These people may argue that a geography
A model centered on epi
The bike is as good as a helicopter-
The central model of our solar system.
Like I said, it doesn\'t matter. it\'s interesting.
Yes, it\'s time for us to go with a sensible calendar without religious baggage.
Can I suggest a \"Shire liquidation?
People in the southern hemisphere may prefer Christmas rather than leap day, but I\'m sure we can fix that.
This is the first time since 1899, not 1888. [
Youtube has a lot to thank for this year.
Of course, a new life will soon enter your world and the life you know will change forever.
Happy Thanksgiving to her. You, too!
It\'s great that you have a lot to thank. . . ?
I try to thank every breath in my life and I will only end when my life is over, which no one knows. . .
I try to remember to thank him every day for the air he asked me to borrow.
He provided me with everything I needed.
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation every day. Amen!
I am grateful to be alive, which is more than many homeless, poor and hungry people who have turned a blind eye to society and government say. . .
Seasonal compliments and Thanksgiving Day have little to do to contain the disease of society and nationalisation. . .
I appreciate that I am not bothered by the idea of stupid heaven and hell, sin and saving her, and as far as I know you will be a dad. Congrats!
Being a parent is a learning curve but still an explosion.
They grew so fast. Thank you. I am.
In a few months.
Several major purchases were made this morning. We can\'t wait.
* MadeYou will do well and your ears will learn to listen and explain the different sounds your baby will make.
Peace, new dad. Congratulate her! ! !
The human life cycle is like this: Man, fear your Lord, who created you from a soul and from this soul, its spouse, and from them
Fear Allah, you ask your common through him (rights), and (
Not related)the wombs (kinship).
Of course, Allah is always a whole-
Watch you.
-4: 1 there are 2 elements in the human body:. BodyB.
Soul, Atma, Ruha
The body created from the dust-it is he who created you from the Earth)
From dust and then)from a sperm-drop, theniii)
From blood clots stuck together
Then he brought you out. a child; then [He developed you.
You got to you [time of]v)
Mature, then [further]
You became me)Elders (old age). vii)
Among you is the one who was put to death before [that]
So that you reach a specific term;
Maybe you think so.
Then we make the nuts into blood clots (
(A piece of blood condensed thick)
Then we make the blood block into a small piece of meat, then we make the bone with that small piece of meat, then we dress the bone with the meat, and then we create it as another.
Allah, the best creator, is so lucky.
He created you (all)
From a person (Adam);
And then from his wife [Hawwa\' (Eve)].
He sent you eight cows.
Two sheep, male and female;
Two goats of male mother;
Two cows, one male and one female;
Two of the camels, male and female).
He created you in the womb of your mother, and created you in three dark veils, and Allah is your Lord.
His kingdom is La ilaha illa Huwa (
No one is entitled to worship except him).
So how did you get rejected?
-39: 6 in the verse above: \"creation after creation\":-meaning each of you was originally a Madman (means a semen-
Drops mentioned in 22: 5)
-And then he becomes an \'alaqah (
Means: attached substances mentioned in 96: 2)
Then he turned into a mud.
Meaning: embryo lump mentioned at 23: 14-this poem actually gives the nuts mentioned, then the meaning of \"alaqah\" and then all stages of Madghah. . . .
Tribute to the Almighty Allah who created mankind and the whole universe)
,-Then it becomes meat, bones, nerves and veins, and Ruh (soul)
He becomes another kind of creation.
\"Three Veils of Darkness\": meaning inve1-the darkness of the uterus, veil 2-the darkness of the placenta that wraps and protects the child, and the darkness of the veil 3-the belly. B.
The soul is sucked into it, which allows the body to move or think, etc-from above, no one knows more details about it32: 7-who perfected everything he created, and began to create humans with clay.
Then he made his offspring with an extract of a despised liquid.
Then he draws him in proportion from his [created]
The soul, which creates hearing, vision and mind for you;
You\'re grateful.
The end of this earthly life: said: \"In fact, the death you fled-in fact, it will meet you.
You will then be sent back to the intimate of the unseen and witnessed, who will tell you what you have done in the past.
\"-62: 8 every soul will taste the taste of death and you will only get your [full]
Compensation for the day of resurrection.
Therefore, the man who has been drawn from the fire and admitted to heaven has obtained [his desire].
Besides enjoying the illusion, what is life in this world?
-3: 185 when the time is over, a person just leaves the earthly life, whether healthy or not. . . Peace! ! ! LOL!
This is an interesting article.
Splash and death \"spell checker. . LOL!
The scene of the movie \"Office Space.
Also, \"Thanksgiving Day\" reminds me of the \"festival\" of Costanza \". \" LOL! Wow. .
Until 70,000 years, this is an idea for expensive appliances!
I\'m still reading. . LOL! LOL!
Another idea for \"Thanksgiving Day\" is: \"carve menorahs and/or ignite the carved pumpkin with menorahs!
Also, I would like to know what they will do this Thursday to replace the drumsticks in football!
My God, the pun here!
I got this idea from Article 8.
Watch a horror movie about stereotypes.
\"Well, my bad joke, leave the pumpkin to the pie. . Great article!
When I saw the article, I immediately thought of the sweet potato latte-the radish sounded terrible.
Does the Cressent roll gelfite fish?
Let\'s celebrate the miracle of turkey leftovers that lasted eight days.
We need to eat eight days of Jewish turkey leftovers at ocracy.
Happy Thanksgiving!
I look forward to the annual \"kvetch on Christmas kitsch\" article.
Bris sounds really disgusting. . . . Agree. Cute article.
J. why don\'t you go out and get an education, not the Bible, and look at what\'s in the world, not your basement.
Then you can come back and chat with adults.
Who are you talking?
Some posts have been deleted.
I\'m replying to \"J.
\"It\'s hard to understand when this happens.
It happened on the post I wanted to post. .
Yes, I don\'t know what\'s going on with the Post.
AE, it really stinks when you can\'t keep up with it.
J is the sea of trolls, and its only purpose is to spit out the sour remarks that are intended to provoke.
He was deleted because if he had hateful posts.
Of course he is not a Christian. Just a troll.
He refused to talk about his beliefs, saying that his job here was to attack atheists.
He has no other purpose than to annoy others.
Very happy, happy Hanthanks-ukkah-giving! ! ! ! ? [
Alice\'s Restaurant will always be a song for Thanksgiving.
My neighbors and I celebrate the beautiful memories of the Festival of Light (
Very jealous of these 8-day gifts).
Take a look at Lewis Black\'s end to see what he thinks about 8 days of gift giving. Hilarious.
Drinking Everclear from a Mason jar is like drinking anti-inflammatory water to the Tea Party Patriots.
This drives them crazy!
Please, please, plese. . . . . . .
Come out of your mother\'s basement and learn that there is finally some bipartisan cooperation in the world. . . .
No one thinks your political \"joke\" is an interesting thing to mention on this topic, and Hanukkah is one of the happiest times of the Jewish year.
There are two reasons for the celebration (
Both can be traced back to c. 165 BCE)
: Small, sick, miraculous military victory
Equipped with Jewish troops for the ruling Greek Syrians who banned Jewish religion and profaned temples;
And the miracle of the holy oil\'s little cruse, it burns for eight days in the temple\'s Menora, not just one.
\"It was originally a small holiday, and it became more luxurious as it approached Christmas.
\"Some candles have been burning for weeks, so menorah\'s\" miracle \"is hardly a miracle.
Rabbi Wolpe, who has placed exodus in the novel field, can make a similar review of the historical validity of Hanukkah.
The miracle is the oil that burned for 8 days.
What does 8 burning candles have to do with this fact?
The candle is hard oil.
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This was edited by CNN\'s Daniel Burke, who contributed by Eric Marrapodi and CNN\'s global news collection team.
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