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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-13
We are now in the age of smartphone classrooms, online exams, robot home help and workplace partners;
What are the common threads running through them?
The rapid development of technology has a highly innovative mind;
In this era, technology and creativity have become necessary conditions for daily life --
4. Industrial revolution. 0 or, IR 4.
0 has arrived, what happened.
Creativity is the cornerstone of IR 4. 0.
It includes using the internet of things to prepare young people for the challenges they may encounter in the workplace.
Education is therefore needed.
0. emphasize the need to concentrate on preparing students to meet the challenges, head-on.
This is Dr. Anuj, Kumar Sharma. Indira J.
Parekh, former Dean, IIM Ahmedabad, intends to address this small issue through the establishment of the Auronya College, the first educational institution in India
Explore the world of education. 0.
Education is a disruptive system.
0 not only pay attention to \"what to teach\", but also take a subtle approach to \"how to teach\"
This is an educational model that is consistent with future trends, with the aim of developing and strengthening personalized education and ultimately identifying the work and lifestyle of young people in the future.
Abhaya Kumar, founding executive chairman of the Auronya College, reveals why people describe this model as disruptive.
\"When you have to be prepared for the leaders of the 21 st century, you cannot use the 20 th century approach;
The word \"destructive\", therefore, he clarifies.
\"As barriers between people, machines and technology disappear, we need to define education for the next generation by maintaining complete elements, values, beliefs and insights that make
This is the essence of the concept of education. 0.
Abhaya Kumar feels IR 4.
This is the most transformative opportunity in human history.
\"In terms of technology and its use in business and personal life, the rate of change at this exponential level presents tremendous opportunities.
It is redefining our social life, health and behavior.
With great opportunities, there will be challenges, first of all, how we use robots, 3D printing, virtual
While ensuring large-scale social inclusion, technology is enhanced at reasonable prices.
This led us to IR 4.
The second challenge. loss of jobs.
At least 50% of jobs are predicted to be replaced by technology.
How to educate the current generation to cope with the exponential changes in the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the next 10 years15 years?
\"Inspired to meet these challenges, the founders gathered to set up the oronia College.
Dean Anuj Sharma said the inherent belief that people must work to improve human life prompted the three to start the university.
\"Human beings have always been creators, mentors and discoverers.
For example, we don\'t stop writing because we don\'t like the postal system.
We just invented a better way to communicate through electronics. mails.
Whether it\'s earth science, quantum computing, robotics or artificial intelligence, education here will focus on the future, while keeping today\'s values and beliefs unchanged. ” Dr.
Indira Parrick, founding chairman and former dean of the oronia College
IIM Ahmedabad elaborated on how the educational model adapts to future trends.
\"It will help students understand the transformation in a global context.
They will experience the prospect of change, the uncertainty of the global and national environment, and find ways to manage and harness change.
Tomorrow\'s education, teaching methods and educational content will be redesigned.
What worked yesterday may be enough today, but it may not be enough or irrelevant in the future.
\"Models like those used by oronia will prepare students to imagine everything they need in the future,\" she explains . \".
Anuj Sharma lists some of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that the college will offer.
\"Our undergraduate course will begin in 2018.
This year, the first project of the college will be one-
Postgraduate Diploma in the new school year-
Age Management and leadership.
It will be delivered on campus specially designed for it with virtual reality Studios, augmented reality, 3D printing and other facilities.
\"The courses at Antariksh include integrated topics such as business automation, robotics, digital social systems, fintech,\" he said . \".
\"Students will be prepared to build an indelible ability to operate on a strategic/advanced level in globalization and technology --
Advanced environment and gain hands-
Experience in solving real problems
World problems at the national and global levels ,\"Parekh.
\"Graduates can take on the strategic role of senior management, the role of startup leadership, the ability to consult and research, the role of business transformation, consultants, valuation and merger experts and corporate consultants,\" added Anuj Sharma.
Students will also have the opportunity to cater to industries such as manufacturing, venture capital, FMCG, retail, aerospace, e-commerce, etc.
Business, information technology, consumer services, data analysis, R & D, global think tanks, etc.
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