driverless technology to change commercial property

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-20
Driverless cars, 3D printing and drones will revolutionize the industrial real estate industry.
One of the few industries to receive digital disruption returns.
Experts believe that these technologies may disrupt logistics, make a large number of warehouses in the center of the city redundant, and change the periphery. Self-
Driving vehicles-
Defined as any vehicle capable of accelerating, braking and steering routes without human input
It\'s not just a science stunt anymore. fiction film.
Companies such as Tesla, BMW and Mercedes are planning to launch driverless cars in the next three years, while Uber expects all its fleets to be driverless by 2030. The vehicle that claims it will become so common and cheap that the car
Ownership will be out of date.
The technology has the potential to reduce commuting time by eliminating traffic jams, and it can have a surprising and huge impact on various industries.
Driverless trucks will enable the company to deliver the goods to a further distance in a shorter period of time at a fraction of the current cost.
The labor force is the biggest cost burden the industry currently bears, followed by fuel, which can become redundant due to charging.
John Church, National Business Director at Bayleys Real Estate, said: \"These efficiencies will enable logistics companies to get out of the city and set up large distribution centers in remote areas where land is cheaper and space is not a problem.
This could bring less but more industrial space.
\"Drones and 3D printing technology may have similar effects, but they are smaller.
3D printing serves customized manufacturing and can be used in smaller logistics centers in the city center, closer to the customer base rather than remote hubs.
Analysts predict that these technologies will bring a lot
Vertical storage in urban areas.
These buildings will be operated by robots, so space and daylight are not a factor. \"Wal-
Wal-Mart and Amazon are already looking for drone use for e-commerce
\"While some warehouse operators are considering how drones and other technologies can help control inventory,\" Church said . \".
In terms of commercial real estate, real estate developers and brokers are experimenting with drones for the purposes of promoting marketing efforts from aerial photography to real estate
Time safety observation at construction site.
\"We are at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.
Church said the development of previously disjointed areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, driverless cars and 3D printing was mutually reinforcing.
\"These technological advances will interact with broader socio-economic, geopolitical and demographic developments to transform the future of business and work.
\"These predictions come from Uber, another game --
The changing spoilers have promoted the development of the express delivery market.
The company has upended the taxi industry and transportation model and is entering the food distribution field through its new application Uber Eats.
The app was launched in Australia earlier this year, allowing consumers to move from big-
Name a restaurant that didn\'t have traditional snacks before-away service.
David Rohrsheim, general manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand, claims that the service could change the way restaurant operators prioritize space needs.
\"Restaurants are no longer the main real estate to attract business. [With Uber Eats]
Next, the restaurant says \"Wait, maybe I don\'t need a restaurant at all, maybe I just need the kitchen.
I have a group of loyal customers who love me on Instagram and they love my fried chicken or something --
I already have a brand.
When Uber is going to take my fried chicken shop to their doorstep, I don\'t need a superior location to capture the walking traffic.
Mr. Rohrsheim said Domino\'s Pizza has shown that space is becoming less and less important for the food and beverage industry.
\"This is almost the pattern of dominoes.
If you look at what they do, they don\'t have any more restaurants.
\"This service can increase the demand for commercial kitchen space and reduce the demand for cars --
Parking spaces in the city.
Other areas that could change insurance: Driverless cars are expected to be safer on the road, dramatically reducing road deaths.
This could hit the insurance industry hard and cost billions of dollars in premiums.
* Car loans: driverless cars may increase the popularity of shared cars
Demand for driverless cars and question the validity of ownership of cars.
This, in turn, will have an impact on car loan plans.
* Garage and gas station: With the acceleration of the vehicle-as-a-
The service economy, gas stations, car dealers and car mechanics will become more redundant, or at least make a big difference in scale.
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