Disruptive Start ups Are Key For U.K. Growth

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-03
According to the latest data from HESA, less than 5% of college graduates start their businesses after graduating from college (
Statistical Agency for Higher Education).
Given the desire of many graduates to earn a stable income after graduating from college, rather than \"alone\", it is not surprising.
But startups play a vital role in contributing to America. K.
Economy, it is widely believed that most parts of the United StatesK.
Economic growth will come from disruptive start-ups, not large organizations.
In fact, a report from a Virgin StartUp
Tell us that they contributed 196 billion to the United States. K.
The economy every year.
Start-ups are key to economic growth, but while they have contributed significantly to the US, they are still hamperedK.
The economy and the overall prosperity, there are many obstacles that hinder the entrepreneurs of our initial budding, especially the right way to finance their businesses.
Traditional financing approaches are often not a viable option-it is unlikely that entrepreneurs will receive equity investments from traditional venture capitalists (VC)
Before the idea was canceled.
Great risk.
For companies with small collateral and cash flow, loans are not an option either.
For those who want to build their business at the time of cross-investment, there is an alternative financing model
From the world of academics to business
But people don\'t always realize them.
University campus Foundation of AmericaK. ’s first on-
The campus venture capital fund enables students to present their early equity investment ideas to their peers and operate in several UK universities.
Personal \"Business Angels\"-often alumni who create and sell their own businesses and are keen to invest in the next generation from their alma mater-can also invest in equity.
In terms of loan financing, financing has traditionally been associated with \"5 Cs credit\"-a framework used by many traditional lenders to assess potential borrowers --
Start-ups rarely meet the standards.
These include the borrower\'s features, the ability of the predicted enterprise to repay the installment, the capital invested by the borrower, the collateral available in default, and the industry and economic conditions.
However, with government-backed start-up loans, collateral is not needed because they are underwritten by the government, so the lender will be repaid if the business fails.
As of 2019, the loan rate of 6% was as high as 25,000, and about 60,000 people accepted the loan.
The rise of crowdfunding and alternative financing for social enterprises (such as crowdfunding) also proves this trend.
Funding mechanism.
Today, the motivation for investment has changed significantly-\"thank you\" is the most common return of \"crowdfunding\" in 2018, and the rise of social enterprises has played a huge role in this regard, not only do investors focus on financial returns, but they really want to understand the business and what it can offer.
For example, this works well with entrepreneurs who provide prototype or show tickets for early adopters.
Your appeal to the charitable nature of people and your desire to be a part of something is no less than the promise of guaranteed economic returns.
Some crowdfunding platforms are designed specifically for students and encourage alumni to invest, typically around £ 1,500.
5,000, reasonable success rate.
Lean Startup-improving opportunities for successful students also makes lean startup a business strategy to close the gap between available funds and the funds needed to start and operate the business.
Focus on creating a minimum viable product (MVP)
-A product with only enough functionality to meet early customers-before committing to scale up, it means that ideas that cannot resonate with consumers can be screened out earlier in the life cycle of the product
The lean startup approach works this way for students to have a lower budget and enables them to use the tools around them to constantly test their product or vision with the audience.
Many students will get 3D printing and rapid prototyping at their university, which means that their products can also be tested in one of the many student markets across the country.
Lean Startup can work well by rewarding
Based on crowdfunding
By providing early versions of products to the crowd on platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, entrepreneurs can get honest feedback from early adopters and get financial support.
Large organizations have their roles and large organizations have good reasons to help start-ups.
Buying a company with tried and tested products is usually more cost-effective than having-house.
Facebook, Google and Apple, for example, have recently been buying technology companies to take advantage of their AI applications.
In fact, Apple has acquired more than 100 companies such as Beats Electronics and Shazam.
Google offers their \"campus\" model in several cities around the world, including Shoreditch, London, where they help develop start-
Ups with workspace, network and access to Google technology.
Glaxo also has a similar model to foster the beginning of biotechnology.
Ups on their Steve Wonder Bioscience Catalyst campus.
There are more than 200 incubators and accelerators in the United States. K.
Helping to develop early business, the data shows that businesses that leverage these businesses not only have a higher survival rate, but also raise an average of 40% more money than those that do not.
Raising awareness of alternative financing models will begin more
Too many innovative business ideas have been canceled in the early stages of development-or have not started at all-because people believe that getting finance will keep getting started --
In the first obstacle, let them back or fall.
And the number of new companies registered in the United StatesK.
A study by the Enterprise Research Center found that 660,000 of the 239,649 companies in the past year were established in the United States. K.
In 1998, only 11% people survived in the next 15 years.
Enable these startup-
Ups is not only going to start, but also to flourish. we need to raise awareness of existing alternative financing models.
More mature AmericaK.
Businesses can reach out to these businesses in order to provide a disruptive start
Ups has the opportunity to reach their full potential and provide the next generation with the means to play a role in supporting the United StatesK. ’s economy.
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