disney uses 3d printers in unexpectedly awesome ways

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-24
There are a lot of supporters of 3D printing, but the movement for real innovation comes from small start-ups.
Many big companies use 3D printing in traditional methods such as rapid prototyping, but a big company is showing how to innovate.
Disney and the company\'s Research Institute in Pittsburgh are creating something very remarkable with 3D printers.
They call it \"printing optics\", which meets the future of electronic products they create on the spot to meet the urgent needs of the situation.
Here is their description: The Disney research team also produced a short video showing the potential of printing optics: much of the work done here is not attributed to the 3D printer.
Most of them are Disney engineers who have been dreaming about these technologies.
However, 3D printers do serve an important purpose of rapid prototyping.
Without 3D printers, when they wait for a skilled manufacturer to create optical products for them, the study of printed optics will be carried out at a painful slow speed.
Disney may not have created the most complex 3D printing project, but they are certainly working on one of the coolest 3D printing projects.
I can\'t wait to know where it will go in the future.
You can read more about Disney research here.
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