Development methodologies

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-25
Agile methods are flexible.
This is to allow developers to create software in any way that best suits the situation they face.
Agile approaches draw on two different approaches, each with its own drawbacks:
It is sometimes considered too rigid and slow to respond, reducing the creativity of application development.
It can lead to confusion in the development process and requires strong leadership.
Key features of agile approach: in some principles of rapid application development, great emphasis is placed on communication and teamwork, I . e. prototyping and regular communication with clienth, with great emphasis on leadership and project management within the software development teamto-
People who use Agile methods believe that this form of communication leads to products that are very well designed and highly efficient.
The SprintsAgile approach draws on the sprint-related waterfall approach.
Sprint is a planned delivery schedule for one aspect of the system.
In sprint, the principles of analysis, design, implementation, and testing are used.
Especially in the early stages of sprint, prototyping is also possible.
Sprint for each development area.
Instead of following a strict set of steps to develop the whole system, repeat a few steps in one sprint and then execute again in the next sprint.
After a series of sprints, it is very time consuming to communicate close to daily.
Emphasis on teamwork and face-to-face communicationto-
Face-to-face communication means that long-term, large-scale projects are often unrealistic. curriculum-key-
The FactAgile approach is more suitable for small scale development than large-scale development.
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