Custom Mount for Garmin Nuvi GPS

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-08
If you \'ve ever been on a Volkswagen New Beetle, you might notice that the dashboard is deep enough to take a nap.
This makes the suction cup holder provided by Nuvi almost useless.
You have to press your chest on the steering wheel to touch the device.
So, out of necessity and desire for a more perfect look, I created a custom stand using the bud vase as a connection point.
If you are not familiar with the mass vase, it is important to note that it is not just a small cup in a hole.
In fact, there are three pins on the side of the vase, locking it in the appropriate position in a distorted way.
This is a very secure connection point.
Now we need to get all the parts ready.
The Nuvi accessory plate is attached to the suction cup holder with the ball socket joint.
The ball liquid is 17mm in diameter and is made of plastic.
You need to buy or make a new ball in order for it to work.
I chose to simply model the ball in ABS.
It is suitable for modeling, but the rough surface finish is for an insensitive adjustment feel.
So I copied another 0 ball. 5mm over-
There is large and slight sand outside to level the ridge.
This sand version fits perfectly and feels exactly the same as the factory ball.
The ball has a gap hole in the M3 socket head cover screw and a back hole on one side of the screw head.
On the other side of the ball there is a 3/8 back hole that can be mounted on the turning brass plug.
The plug is used for M3 and the back is reduced to fit inside the copper tube.
If you can find a brass, copper or bronze ball with the correct size, you can skip the entire plug and screw and weld the ball directly to the end of the pipe.
The plug is welded in the short section of the pipe with a 45 degree angle at one end.
Clean everything well and use acid-based flux.
Heat the assembled parts until you can reach and melt the solder on the metal.
Apply the solder to the edge of the joint and the solder will enter.
The reclining joint is a bit tricky.
Make sure that the two pieces are very well matched.
Roughly cut the angle with the saw, then Polish until the angle is correct and there is no gap.
A bit of fixing is needed to support the part before starting welding.
Use the flux again, heat the joint and let the metal melt the solder.
After everything is cool, I suggest trying to break the deadlock.
You should be able to give it a very good pull where you expect it to start bending.
If it\'s broken, clean everything up and try again.
You\'re going to hang up $400-
There\'s $800 in fragile electronics on this joint, so you want it to be solid.
Now you need to bend the lower part of the pipe and place the bracket where you want it.
This is the best in the car.
Work slowly and be very careful when bending the pipe, if you try to bend the radius too sharp it will twist and you will weld in the new lower part.
Make sure the Nuvi is far enough so you don\'t hit the wheel when you turn it.
Once you have it bent the way you want it, it\'s time to draw.
I chose pure black paint.
Before painting, you will want to tape off the bottom inch or two of the pipe so that you can get a good adhesive joint later.
Take the ball off too, don\'t apply it.
This will only connect the ball to the socket.
After the paint dry, head back to the car.
Lock the vase in place and position the tubing arm correctly.
Now tape the pipe stand onto the vase and fix it in the right place for bonding.
Once it is securely taped, you can remove the assembly from the car.
Now all that\'s left is to fill the bottom of the vase with epoxy and put everything together.
You can fill the vase, but you can\'t put the flowers in it.
The curing time will be based on the epoxy resin you are using.
Once fully cured, you can remove the tape and try it out in the car.
This is a finished mount without flowers.
Adding flowers will hide the pipes and the Nuvi looks just floating above the flowers.
This is from the driver\'s point of view.
The bottom of the Nuvi is just above the edge of the wheel and the top is still below the bottom of the windshield.
This will not result in a loss of visibility.
It is also on the same plane as the instrument cluster, making it easy to look between them.
If you need to move the Nuvi to another car for the time being, simply pop the back plate from your custom stand and stick it to the suction cup stand.
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