compressing the mold building cycle by 30%-50%: the idea was to reduce the time it took to produce prototype plastic injection molds by 30%-50% through the application of technology. (machining centers).

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The idea was rewarded with the establishment of the Quick Tools group (RTG)of IDEAS, Inc. (Akron, OH)
It meets the needs of treatment.
The evolutionary world of consumer electronics.
\"Competition is the first in any market that needs it.
\"Everyone in this industry is looking for ways to compress bicycles and get into the market faster, and these pressures are very high,\" said creative President Brad Bourne . \"-
The first letter of the integrated design engineering and analysis service, acronym.
\"We try to work with many different tool companies, but in most regions the process is too lengthy and inefficient;
Over the years, they have built their own procedures and methods based on the business environment of the past few decades.
Borne pointed out that he did find some stores that could compress cycle times, but they did by increasing the labor force and 24-
Working hours, not technology
Drive solution.
\"We believe in the combined pressure of offshore tool prices and leading edge --
Time Compression requires different, cleanslate approach.
When we began to compress the cycle in our own way, andMakino ended up being the perfect companion, \"Borne said.
Changing this ratio, starting with only six people in RTG, the company produced 70 molds and 2000 in its first year.
Most of these molds are SPI 101, 102 or 103.
\"When you think we only have 12,000 people, 70 molds are a huge achievement --
Work a few hours a year, \"said Borne.
\"But if you want to succeed, you have to change this person --
By automating most molds, time to machine time
Construction technology based on technology.
You can\'t have a job of 60% to 70 people, only 20% to 30% of the machine time.
You have to reverse this ratio.
Change this person. to-
Machine Time processes that are more intelligent than needed eliminate or significantly reduce manual operations such as bending, assembly and polishing, and time
Consume parts in the mold manufacturing process, such as EDM.
\"Through our current mold manufacturing process, we are able to achieve 70% of the machines
Time and 30% people-time ratio.
Due to the efficiency and excellent surface finish of makinov55, the machine time of 70% is about two-
Third of the total time initially required for a more traditional mold manufacturing process, double the work by reducing labor and EDM.
\"Take advantage of high-
V55 performance processing capabilities, you have to invest in training your employees before you see these results . \"
\"Despite the great Makino equipment, your staff is still your number one asset.
\"Also said that the company operates on the 108% th-
With the early completion of many projects, delivery time is a huge challenge for customers.
\"When we bought MakinoV55, we did a broad benchmark,\" Benchmarking said . \".
\"We\'re going to have ultra with the market claims-high-
High performance processing technology.
We developed our own tests.
We took a piece of metal and cut it into pieces to give everyone a piece of the same size, the same cutting tool and the exact same CNC machine code.
The only thing to note is the feed rate in the code to make sure it matches the spindle speed to provide a fair output.
Makino won the benchmark test for speed, accuracy and surface finish.
\"Tests show that the Makino V55 is 73 to 118% faster than the machine tools of other competitors.
The average weight of other machine tools is about 13,500.
And theMakino weighs 21,000.
This proves the solid foundation of the V55, which, in my opinion, is the key to why it is possible for the V55 to maintain such strict tolerances through a variety of environments, \"said Borne.
In addition to the hardware, the supplier\'s new SGI.
3 software enhances performance.
\"In addition to using the old SGI software, we performed the same benchmark on the same V55, and Makino was only 35 to 59% faster.
By upgrading the software, our performance has doubled, which is a considerable leap in control technology . \"
[Rapid molding words】 rapid moldingRP]
Absolutely different animals;
\"There is no doubt about it,\" Borne said . \".
\"Prototypes previously built in model stores.
Someone will take great pains to cut something off the wood or simulate it from many different resources.
But this has changed over time.
Today, \"plastic-
Like the material produced in a proprietary RP machine.
Most RP machines adopt the method of hardening one layer of material onto another until the entire part is generated.
There are a lot of prototyping methods on the market, they can all achieve their purpose.
This is great for look and feel and put parts together or adjacent to each other, but they don\'t carry the real properties you get from the injection
The molded parts they are trying to simulate.
\"This is also the source of prototype rapid tool requirements,\" he explained . \".
People should not confuse fast prototypes (RP)
Withrapid tool for prototyping.
\"There are a lot of different devices in the \'rapid prototyping industrial.
Some RP machines are used to generate a fast tool, but the requirements for these tools are not the same as the fast tools we built.
RP tools generally include the generation of patterns from RPmachine and the use of this pattern to cast molds or other patterns that can be used to cast alloy molds.
According to the injection mold manufacturing standards, the tolerances of these molds are usually poor for several reasons.
\"Mainly, before the generation, the original mode is approximate twice: one is generated by an SLA file that triangulates all surfaces on the part, and then, when the SLA file is sliced into the build layer by RPmachine\'s software, this is about the second time.
The RP tool is usually a couple of iterations that are removed from the main prototype, of course from the original CAD file, and sometimes it can\'t run the actual injection plastic used for the final production of the part.
The RP mold is still purposeful.
\"They are cheap and skilled model manufacturers can sometimes improve accuracy.
But they can\'t replace quick tools.
Our prototype tools are the same as they will be put into production.
The tool and its products are mainly used for engineering, marketing research, any type of analysis, drop testing, and UL certification, Borne said.
\"The customer asked for this quick tool to produce exactly the same parts as the production tool with exactly the same material,\" Borne said . \".
\"Nothing different.
The quick tool\'s webuild produces the same parts as the production steel tool.
We have extended this quick tool process to hardened steel tools.
In many cases, it is multi-cavity, high
High outputvolume tooling.
But we\'re still applying the concept of fast tools to get there 30% to 50% faster than anyone else ---
And remain competitive in the process.
\"Due to the lower quality structure and the soft material, you can\'t actually turn the prototype tool into a mass production tool.
But in most cases, they do both jobs, Byrne says.
\"In the process of building prototype tools, we often have the opportunity to build production tools.
So, in many cases, we have built it.
\"For some of our customers, if they are able to provide a longer lead time, we can go straight into the production of a quick mold.
So if we could have customers get 10 or 12 weeks of hardened steel or pre-hardened steel in five or six weeks instead of from their competitors, they would go that way instead of building at the same time
This reduces capital investment in producing the final product and brings it to market before competition.
\"The Fast tools future bears that global competition is under tremendous pressure due to competition in the offshore market, which is funded by countries in many countries.
He also pointed out that the employment rate in other countries is only a small proportion of the United States. S.
Standard, is also the only way for us mold shops. S.
Join the right technology and training to become a competitive person.
Looking forward, Borne noted that the formula for success should be constantly changing.
\"This is not the number of people you have.
This is not the number of machine tools you have.
This is how much you can get from them as a team.
The team combines machine tools, people, software, tool stands, molds
Building materials and everything else for making quick tools.
This is the equation that must be optimized to succeed, not justin\'s quick tool, but in global competition.
He warned that companies cannot be competitive by buying technology alone.
\"You have to change your process, take advantage of the technology and make the most of it.
If you were
Old shop, create an independent department in the store, not afraid of doing wrong.
Store \"new stores\" with young and old people, experienced people and inexperienced people\"so-
Experienced artisans and prodigy.
\"But remember, to make an omelet, you have to break a feweggs.
The downside is that they may be some really expensive eggs.
\"Don\'t be afraid to start over.
We did it twice before we solved the mistake, our procedures continued to grow every day, and so did the business and climate we operate.
\"If we have been evolving, fire me because I don\'t want to be involved . \"Makino Inc. www. rsleads. com/208mn-
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