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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-07
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Coding is a great skill for kids to develop their analytical and problem abilitiessolving skills. My twelve-year-
Sister recently tried her hand on a free website that teaches kids to code (
Not special, but the structure of the course is clear and simple, so children can do the same).
This is her website.
What is CodecademyCodecademy is a network of colleges that teach children the freedom to code.
They provide you with courses and courses made by developers and other users to complete and learn coding skills.
They have courses like HTML, CSS, game programming and so on that kids can learn.
Once you\'re on Codeacademy, the first time is to create an account.
In the top right corner of the screen, you should be able to see the Create Account button.
Click on it and you can register an account using your email
Mail or use different social networks such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter.
Once you register, you will be on the front page.
There should be a box with text that allows you to type what the instructions tell you.
When you have completed all the instructions in the box, it will congratulate you on completing the first lesson.
There will be a button that says \"go ahead \".
Click on it and it will guide you into the classes it has.
If not, and redirect you back to the home page, click learn on the bar at the top of the site to view the course.
To help you master a topic, there are a series of 8 courses grouped.
In the course provided in the Web basics, you will learn about HTML, CSS, and style and design.
In addition, you will be briefed on how to create a basic website.
PHP, also known as hypertext preprocessor, is the most popular scripting language in the world at present.
The lessons in PHP will teach you how to develop a website with dynamic web pages.
However, since the course is new, there is only one class currently in progress.
JQuery is more than onebrowser pre-
Written Javascript
This course will teach you how to make an interactive website with animations and allow you to work with HTML or CSS.
The JavaScript course teaches you the basics of programming, JavaScript applications, and how to build a game.
The project course allows you to create a variety of personalized web pages using your knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
You\'ll learn how to combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build web applications and shared projects.
The Python course teaches you all about programming.
Ruby is a popular programming language that can help powerful websites around the world.
In this course, you will learn the basics of ruby, the beautiful arrangement of words and phrases to create good results
Form sentences in HTML and quick prototyping.
The Api will teach you how to write code that can do almost anything, and you will learn how to get external data, send messages, and have more powerful applications.
After you have completed all the ESL classes, you have more classes to do.
You can simply scroll down to the bottom of the course page and try more courses.
When you finish a course, you can rate it and provide some feedback to the creator of the course.
As the saying goes, \"practice makes perfect\", you can even re-
Practice the skills you have learned for you again until you decide that you have mastered the course.
Create your own course if you have completed all the courses offered by the website, you can even create your own course by clicking on the \"teach\" button at the top of the website.
You can choose a topic that you want to write a course, and you can even work with another user to learn the course on Codeacademy.
When you post your course, you may even receive feedback from users who have completed your course.
My idea of CodecademyIt is a good website for you to understand the coding as the instructions are clear.
If you are stuck in some part of the course, you can go to the forum to ask questions.
Other users in the forum are very helpful and willing to help anyone in need to complete a course.
When you complete their practice, the website provides feedback and a reward badge.
This prompted me to take more classes and websites every day.
When you make a mistake in trying to complete a course, instead of simply saying you have a mistake, give encouragement or feedback to help you complete the course.
Usually, if I get a warning telling me that I make a mistake over and over again, I get frustrated and quit.
However, the encouragement gave me to stick to it and try again before I finish the course.
Most of the courses are also enjoyable.
You can try to design web pages by applying all the basic coding knowledge you \'ve learned in the last few lessons.
After completing the course, you will find it easy to create a simple web page yourself.
The design of the website is simple and clear.
The start button is easy to spot because it\'s big and green.
The website is mainly white, blue, black and gray.
When colors fit each other, it looks simple.
I like the way it is designed because it is not complicated and you can easily navigate the site.
After you complete the sample course on the home page, there seems to be a glitch instead of being directed to the page where you can take more classes, which redirects you back to the home page.
I would recommend codecmy my to anyone who is interested in learning how to code, as this site helps me a lot.
The classes are fun and I\'m sure anyone who wants to learn how to code, especially kids, will love them as well.
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