CNC Bubble Table

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-24
This table is made with Shopbot (CNC Machining)
When this project is completed, as part of my \"quick prototype\" lesson task, my goal is to create a flat-packed furniture that can be created quickly and enjoyable.
I found this different design inspiration from the \"brand Table\" made by Sonder Mill.
Made this table with medium fiber board and clear acrylic, but can modify this table according to your needs.
Hope you understand the following steps and enjoy the final result!
If there are any questions, concerns or comments, please comment below and I will try to respond.
The original file published is the 24 \"x 49\" fiber board for thickness 0. 75 inches.
If the material you want to use has a different thickness or amount of space, it is important to change the shopbot file to modify the drawing before cutting to prevent problems and waste of material.
Remember to save the file in \"sp\" instead of \"nc\", \"bubble table cut 1\" will be green and then \"2\" will be blue and finally \"3\" will
When working with Shopbot or any other CNC, it is very important to clamp the work in order to prevent the material from flying off the machine and seriously harm others.
Here I use screws in the corners of the material and make sure they don\'t get in the way of the cutter.
After the material is fixed, we need to insert the tool into the inner cone, which should be inserted into the bearing nut and then into the spindle.
Always make sure that all parts are clean, just like dirty, it causes the tool to be cut in an elliptical way, which will reduce the tool life and lead to inconsistent operation.
This can be overcome by removing dust and debris from parts using compressed air.
I used this.
250 inch vertical grinding tool.
Next, we will position the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis to the angle of the material.
Prevent holding screws too close as this can cause damage to the tool.
In the original file I provided, the first file you should use is \"bubble table cut 1 \".
The following cuts for this file will be done in order:-The legs-
Carving in the center of the table-
Hole cut out
Outline of the table.
It will take less than 40 minutes to finish the work.
Once the cutting in front is done, you can remove the legs and the table itself.
Clean the surface of the table and materials using compressed air.
Turn the table over and put it into the previous cut.
This process will be to create holes at the bottom of the table.
Before proceeding with cutting, it is very important to clamp the table or make sure that it does not move when cutting.
To do this, I used double sided tape and it worked very well because it prevented the clip from appearing in the way of the cutter, causing the problem.
Once the table is fixed, you can use the file \"bubble table cut 2\", which will now cut the holes at the bottom of the table in order to position the legs to it.
Once the holes in the legs are carved, the mid-slim board can be removed.
Clean the work space again with compressed air or hand brush to make sure there is no wood chips on the work surface.
Fix the plastic sheet on the surface with screws or fixtures.
This material must be completely fixed because it can be easily disassembled when the tool enters the working face.
For the final cut on the shopbot, run the file called \"bubble table cut\" to make sure you stay away from the working face and put on safety glasses as plastic pieces fly out and can easily hurt you.
After completing the previous cut, you can remove the material from the working face and turn off the main switch of the CNC machine.
Before leaving, please clean up the area around the shop robots and machines for the next person who operates.
You can do this using compressed air or a brush.
They may need some minimal sanding to remove bridges and labels before assembling the parts.
The assembly is very simple because the legs are placed in the holes provided at the bottom of the table and the plastic sheet is located at the top.
If you want it to be present permanently, you can glue the legs with a pva glue.
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