Cisco Chairman John Chambers meets PM Modi, discusses Digital India, Make in India initiatives

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-15
Prime Minister Modi has highlighted the benefits of technology in such areas as distance education and the elimination of subsidy leaks.
John Chambers, chairman of US technology giant Cisco, met with Prime Minister Modi on Friday, the role of the company in various government initiatives, including Digital India, Skill India, was discussed on Indian manufacturing and cybersecurity issues.
\"During the meeting, he explained to the Prime Minister what the Cisco national digital acceleration program is about and how it aligns with the prime minister\'s vision and initiatives, including Digital India, skills India, \"Made in India, launch India, smart cities and cyber security programs,\" an official statement said. \".
Modi appreciated Cisco\'s move to highlight the benefits of technology in areas such as distance education and the elimination of subsidy leaks.
The statement said he also discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of cyber security. The $143-
There are more than 10,000 companies in India.
It has also set up a manufacturing base in Pune to produce products locally to \"support the digital India vision\" and ultimately make it an export hub.
Cisco invests about $1.
India has 7 billion people every year.
Cisco\'s global revenue grew 2% in December to $11.
8 billion (excluding SP video CPE business for all periods), thanks to growth in markets such as India (23%.
Its Indian business has continued to grow steadily over the past seven quarters.
Yesterday, Cisco signed an agreement with the Andhra Pradesh government to become part of India\'s first state.
Ap fiber broadband project-Net\' here.
Under this project, the monthly broadband connection of 300 mbps will vary from Rs 149 to Rs 100 yuan at the connections of 999 Mbps for each family.
To save costs, the Poles will be used to lay overhead cables instead of underground cables.
Cisco has also set up the all things Internet (IoE) Innovation Center in Visakhapatnam to promote regional innovation and will enable partners and startups to build solutions around IoE and
In addition, Cisco will invest in an advanced technology center for excellence and research laboratory at the Tirupati Institute of Digital Technology (IDT), focusing on network security, smart city and manufacturing solutions.
The center will help train graduate engineers in advanced digital technology and solutions and equip them with the skills they need in the digital age.
In addition, the company will also sponsor and cooperate with the University of Andhra in patnam, visaca 12-
Identify and explore monthly research projects for the possibility of developing and customizing digital technologies and solutions for rural Andhra Pradesh.
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